18 Reasons Why Gigi Hadid Is Our Spirit Animal


This month’s @vogueitalia cover girl, Gigi Hadid, has everything a college girl could dream of: perfectly sun-kissed hair, a world renowned modeling career, and an unparalleled girl squad. When the California girl isn't walking the runways of fashion week, she's casually starring in her friend’s music videos or studying criminal psychology at The New School in Manhattan. She is slowly but surely taking over the world and we’re totally fine with that (Hadid/Jenner 2020?). Gigi is our spirit animal because she's the cool girl you always wish you could be without even trying. Keep on doin’ you girlfriend and we’ll keep liking your (award-winning!!) selfies and fan-girling over your life. 


1. She recently became a music video director for Joe Jonas’ band DNCE’s single ‘Cake by the Ocean’


2. She also became one of the newest VS Angels to walk the famous runway. Side note: those shoes are everything! 


3. Her spirit animal is Taylor Swifts cat, Meredith Grey (does that make Meredith our grand-spirit animal?) 


4. She's unapologetic to her critics


5. She's a total badass as seen as her portrayal of “Slay-Z” in the Bad Blood video 


6. And can probably kick your butt in the boxing ring


7. She understands the importance of Sunday brunch 


8. She and Kendall are BFF goals  


9. She looks amazing in the ‘How Deep is Your Love” music video


10. Her nail and ring game is on point

11. She's a dead ringer for fellow bad b*tch Sandy in her 2015 Halloween costume 

12. She shares our love for trying every ice cream flavor (also that nail color!)  

13. And every pizza flavor  


14. Seriously though, girl crush of my life


15. She even looks perfect wearing a blanket 

16. Or with a blue afro

 17. Just look at her with this puppy! 

 18. I mean, come on… 


We love you, Gigi.