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The 12 Best Twitter Reactions to Chipotle Near Fordham

If you follow HC Fordham on Instagram (@hercampusfordham), you heard it first… Chipotle is coming to the Bronx! That’s right, Fordham collegiettes, you can get a Starbucks and a Burrito Bowl without trekking downtown (#Finally, #Basic, #Blessed).  Some of you commented on our Insta photo, but many took to Twitter to express your opinions.  Here are some of the best reactions:

A lot of you couldn’t handle your emotions…

You are even asking Fordham for help to feed your Chipotle addiction….

You’re even willing to fly home to Rose Hill for it….

Many thanked God….

But for us seniors, the joy is shortlived. As for you underclassmen…

We’re officially jealous. But we get line-cutting privileges. 

A senior in FCRH, Stephanie is a double major in Political Science and American Studies. She is from Eastchester NY, which is about 20 minutes away from Fordham. She is involved in the Fordham Dance Team, is a Secretary of the Residence Hall Association board, New Student Orientation, and various other clubs.
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