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You’ve Got Mail: Weekly Messages for the Signs

Whether you’re scrolling through this article through curiosity or you’re an astrology fan, like me, searching for a little insight and advice, look no further because here are your weekly messages! As a personal tip, don’t forget to check both your sun and rising signs.


Remember that everything has its perfect timing and that when we plant a seed, we must wait for it to blossom. Perhaps, it might feel like you aren’t seeing the progress or signs you want at the moment, but always remember that good things take time.  The message for you this week is to not give up. You are more than prepared for what is coming up and blossoming in front of you, but remember that you must be patient. Soon, you’ll be seeing the harvest that you seek!


Inner peace will always be the greatest thing we can give ourselves. It’s time that you take a moment to self-reflect and reanalyze certain situations or thoughts you might be dealing with; by doing so, you’ll discover and learn more about yourself than you could’ve imagined- your wants, fears, strengths and most importantly, your weaknesses. Look carefully at all aspects of your life, and ask yourself: Do I still want this? Does this make me happy? By choosing to let go of what no longer serves you, you open up the space for better things that will help you find that inner glow you desire.


It might feel like doors are constantly being slammed in your face and that nothing is working out in your favor. I think it’s important for you to remember the saying “when one door closes, another one opens.” Remember that everything in life is temporary, bad or good. Things will get better. Sometimes we must stumble into utter darkness, so that we can learn to appreciate even the smallest glimmer of light. The sun will shine again and it will be the brightest, warmest it has ever been. Don’t lose faith.


Sometimes it’s not always about the destination, but about the journey. It’s important that you take a step back to appreciate even the smallest details as there are many changes occurring. There’s a great sense of power in learning to be patient rather than seeking instant gratification. By learning to be patient, you’ll become aware of all the beauty surrounding you. Beauty is all around us, find it.


Don’t let your hunger blindly guide you. It’s important that you pay close attention to what parts of you, you wish to feed. By irrationally acting out, we often nourish aspects that do not allow us to flourish or thrive. Take time to seek wisdom. Learn from your past experiences and use the knowledge to guide you.


Change is natural and will happen whether you want it or not, so it is best to embrace it rather than fighting against it; like the seasons, life is constantly in motion. It’s time that you grab the reigns and go where the wind takes you. It’s important that you open your mind to all the endless possibilities and options around you- don’t limit your growth by resisting the breeze.


It’s time to take a break and rest. Surrender what no longer serves you. There’s situations or habits that you need to release and leave behind; there’s no use in holding on to what hinders your growth. Remember that letting go doesn’t mean giving up.


Release the fear you currently feel. Fear will always be our worst enemy- it stop us from chasing our dreams or doing things we want, and more than often they’re self-imposed fears we’ve created ourselves. So let them go. The pay off, will be well worth it at the end. Move with confidence, you are powerful; believe it!


Trust yourself and trust the process. You have the skills and are more than capable to achieve what you wish. Be loving and patient with yourself. The first step to self-trust is acceptance; accept every inch of you, every thought. By developing trust in yourself, your life will unfold before your eyes.


You might be taking life a bit too serious, which can be resulting in a fear to move forward. Change is difficult and rather than choosing to swim alongside the waves, we remain stagnant and refuse to move from the shore. It’s time for you to gather your courage because there’s a path opening up for you. Seek it and focus on what makes you happy.


It’s time to place healthy boundaries. Learn how to say no as easily as you say yes. Judging what you need and what you don’t need is the first step. Trust yourself to decide what and who benefits you. Remember, we teach people how to treat us.


Focus on what’s in front of you. Give it your undivided attention because there’s no room for scattered thoughts or actions. Concentrate on the mark and don’t pay attention to negative people or gossip. With laser-like focus you to need to move towards what makes you feel good and alive.

Just a Gemini with a passion for astrology and fashion.
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