Your Latin Travel Guide

After many late nights studying, weekends loaded with academic assignments, and so many mental breakdowns on how to get an A, our Spring semester comes to an end and we finally get to travel and enjoy what for me is my favorite season, Summer. When we start making a list of things to do in summer we include perfect tan lines, fun crazy nights, mouth watering food, flawless sunsets, overall an ultimate good time. If in your summer bucket list you have at least one of these experiences listed, keep on reading through this article. Today I will give you some good advice on a memorable summer vacation in a way that your economy doesn't take it to the skies.

  1. 1. To start with, Tulum.

    This was a wall city of the Mayan culture located in the State of Quintana Roo, in the southeastern part of Mexico, and on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for interminable nightlife, epic techno house parties, tasty Mexican food, learn more about the Mayan culture and its archeology, short distances, and beautiful turquoise waters, this is the place for you. And of course, I cannot forget or ignore the existence of beautiful cenotes all over this beautiful island, I recommend that you ask locals where they are located, normally on the islands the people who already live there recommend better places and the best advantage of this is that you will have unique memories and unique content on your instagram feed, and trust me once you take a swim in this cenotes you will never want to leave Mexico.

  2. 2. My beautiful island, Roatan.

    Located in my home country Honduras, and let me tell you, not everyone knows about this gem, if you are looking for fun times, riding a horse in the beach, calm crystal clear waters, playing with cute monkeys, and swimming with not only dolphins but also a jaguar in this crystal clear waters, Roatan is the place for you. Not to ignore that five star hotels are affordable, beautiful, with awesome food and trust me you will never forget the beautiful sunsets in Roatan. Iconos magazine described this island as “Llegar a las playas de West Bay, en Roatán es como llegar a un pedacito de cielo”, meaning that it’s a piece of heaven on earth, and if you still need another sign to convince you to go to Roatan, Trip advisor named Roatan one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. So, book that flight and get that perfect tan baby!

  3. 3. Santa Martha, Colombia

    My last summer I spent it here, and it was amazing! To sum up, I gained 10 pounds in my two weeks in Colombia, so definitely if you’re looking for absolutely delicious food, great people, great music (vallenato), and beautiful landscapes, this is the place for you. As a fun fact, this is Colombia’s oldest city, and the second oldest city in South America. And you can find literally everything on this place, my favorite spot to be was Taganga, this is a small fisher town, It is an ideal place to rest and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will feel very close to nature. I would advise you to ask one of the fishermen who are around you to ask about Sisiguaca beach and they take you by boat, it is safe, fun, and get ready to try a fresh dish of a very good seafood and an afternoon enjoying snorkeling, time with family, and total relaxation.

  4. 4. Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica

    Or if I translate it, Turtle Island. Tortuga Island is located in the western part of Costa Rica, within the Gulf of Nicoya. If what you are looking for is to spend your time on day-only tours, this is the perfect place, as they offer a variety of day-only activities. If you are into an active lifestyle and you are a morning person, let me tell you that here your schedule is going to be full of many things to do, including kayaking, long hikes on trails, jet skiing, paddle boarding, banana boats, and much more. As they say in Costa Rica, in this place everything is pura vida.

Remember to wear a mask at all times, get that vaccine, and enjoy your Summer!