You Do You Girl

Its easy for us to get caught up in following the trends, caring about what people think all the time and wanting to be a part of things that just might not interest us, but seems to be for everyone else. We all want to try that new makeup or hair product that everyone is using just to know what the hype is about and to feel like you’re “in the know.” We also know that moment we think before we post something on Instagram, “am I going to get enough likes or are people going to comment?”

Is this all that matters? What happened to just doing things that make us happy without caring about the status quo? (cue the OG High School Musical song)

Sometimes, I just think to myself, “Who honestly cares?”

Let’s take a step back.

Remembering that social media is way to express ourselves, our interests and the occasional (okay maybe a lot of) showing off where we went this past weekend, not to see who can get the most likes or comments on our pictures. Yeah, of course it’s flattering when people are telling you how good you look in a new pic you posted, but does it really matter if you get five comments versus twenty-five?

You posted the picture knowing you looked good, own it!

In addition, we all have our own interest and things we like. These are the things that make up who we are. So what if they’re not what everyone else is into? I may be the only person I know who isn’t obsessed with The Game of Thrones, and yeah, I do feel left out when all my friends are talking about it, but its just not for me. I don’t force myself to like it just because everyone else does.

I think remembering that we don’t have to like what everyone likes is something a lot of us should take a moment to think about. Its okay to not follow the crowd.

When it comes to social media and pop-culture, everyone has their own thoughts and interests. What you like may not be the popular show, product, or opinion, but it’s yours. Who cares what other people think? So, do you girl! Your outlook on things is what makes you unique. Don’t forget that!




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