Why You Should Start Reading the Newspaper

Can you recall the last time you read the newspaper? Most of us millennials can’t. Physical newspapers have declined heavily in sales now that we consume our news online. But in reality most millennials are not even reading the newspaper through online platforms. Whether it’s because they feel it’s biased, inaccurate or they simply are not interested.

I personally don’t read the news from direct newspapers. Like most millennials I consume my news through other online platforms, such as, social media. I look to see what hot topics are trending and read all about it through there. Many of us prefer this because on social media the news is condensed and its brief—we get to know everything that is going on from a couple tweets or posts versus reading an entire article. Some of us don’t even bother to do that we look at videos or listen to podcasts instead to speed things up.


Reasons why you should read the news:


  • Let’s you know what’s going on around the world.

Not interested in what is going on with the Trump administration? At least read it to be informed. Or simply find out what’s happening with other countries.

  • Enhances your vocabulary.

On social media the news you are getting is condensed and has vocabulary everyone knows to make it easier for everyone to understand. But day-to-day whether it be for meeting new professionals, work, or meeting new people it’s important to have a vast vocabulary. Reading the news helps you learn and incorporate new vocabulary.

  • Helps distinguish which news is “fake news”

Reading news lets you stay informed on what is happening and what actually happened. Versus relying on social media where someone can twist around a situation and make it seem as if something else happened—straying away from the truth.

  • Helps with conversation

Some of us are not the best conversationalists especially when engaging in small talk with our bosses or other professionals. But after catching up on news you can bring up what’s happening around us—it’s a great way to show you’re well informed.


Don’t want to buy physical newspapers but want to start reading the news?


You’re in luck! Many newspapers offer free subscriptions for college students such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, etc.


Try to stay informed. You may not think some news pertains specifically to you but it can maybe affect your education, workplace, or other areas in life.