Why The World Needs #MeToo

The allegations of sexual harassment and rape made by numerous women in Hollywood against producer Harvey Weinstein has shaken up the social media world. In response to these allegations, the hashtag #MeToo has gone viral. Women and men are sharing their personal stories with the public. As I began to read numerous tweets and Facebook posts from females around the world, I started to reflect on my own experiences with sexual harassment.

The many times I found myself getting grabbed by random guys while dancing with my friends in a club, or when I found myself being catcalled or whistled at while walking on the street. Anytime a situation like that occurred, I would get upset but forget about it minutes later. Unfortunately, it has become so normal for girls to become immune to situations like these because in our society we are taught to just accept it and move on.

I recently read an article on wired.com by Jessi Hempel about how the hashtag #MeToo going viral is “everything that is wrong with social media.” Hempel discusses how the campaign has good intentions but will not truly be successful because it is fueled by outrage. Yet, I have to completely disagree with that.

The world needs #MeToo to open our eyes to the problems of sexism, abuse and harassment. All of the tweets and Facebook posts I have seen have been nothing but brave and inspiring. Seeing what so many people have been through is heartbreaking but most of all, empowering.

Share your stories if you want to and if you don't, it's okay. You don't owe your story to anyone, wear your #MeToo in silence.