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Why Am I Always Broke?

As a college student, I’ve tried to accept that it’s written in my destiny that I’ll always be broke. But, that doesn’t make it suck any less… and if you’re one of the luckier ones in the finance department: I probably hate you (or I’m just really jealous.)

If I was sitting at home, dreaming of richer days I’d probably be okay with being broke considering I’m not doing much about it. But I have a stable, well-paying job yet it still hurts my heart a little every time I see that card swipe!

So, the mystery remains… why am I always broke?

  1. The Culprit: Food

Looking at my bank statement, I try to justify my reckless spending on food. “Ok $10 at Chili’s really isn’t that big of a deal… plus that molten lava cake was calling my name, right?” I’ll admit, sometimes you’re on the go and it’s just easier to grab a bite at a restaurant! But in reality, most times eating out is just plain unnecessary. So, is it the fear of missing out that my friends might actually eat a meal without my presence there? Or am I just too lazy to actually put a decent free meal together at home? The world may never know.

 2. What You Want Is Not Always What You Need

If there’s an app that blocks all shopping websites, someone please give me the name because Lord knows I can’t be tamed. If it’s not food, it’s shopping. And I already have a ton of clothes, shoes, and bags… but is there such thing as too many? Probably. Will I continue to keep buying? Probably.

 3. A Social Life Is Expensive

Contemplating between going out tonight, or saving those $15 in my bank account: going out always wins. Sometimes I’m ok with sacrificing my week’s meals for a fun night out, and sometimes I hate myself the morning after. Thanks for being so damn expensive, alcohol.

I wish I could offer you some life changing methods to get rich quick, but unfortunately I write this while eating an $8 Pollo Tropical meal, we’ll just have to struggle together for now.

You live, you learn and hopefully one day you get a raise. Until then, embrace the brokenness.

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