What You Missed at College Singles Night

Lincolns Beard Brewery is a cool, no-frills bar that features an onsite brewery, live music and relaxing outdoor seating. This past Thursday the brewery partnered with Tinder to host “College Singles Night,” a fun event that featured goodies, free drinks and cute photos!

As guests walked through the front door, they were greeted by a cute little booth filled with awesome trinkets that they could choose from. I grabbed an awesome little shot glass along with a coozie and some stickers. Guests could also show their tinder profile and receive a beer ticket to use at the bar. Once I grabbed my ticket and headed to the bar, I was amazed at all their delicious beer selections. I chose the “Holy Wierd Guava IPA” and it was so delicious!


As I was drinking my beer I was able to enjoy the wonderful live band that featured a mesmerizing sax player. From the looks of it, there were many college singles in attendance and they were all mingling away. Many guests created tinder profiles right there and began swiping right as they were sipping their drinks!

“College Singles Night” also gave guests the option to take some awesome photos with the cute photobooth they had set up on site. There were various silly props for people to use in their pictures and everyone had a fun time posing for the camera.

The event was a fun, casual way to meet other college students and enjoy a night out that won’t break the bank. I’m excited to attend any future events thrown by Tinder and Lincoln’s Beard Brewery!