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Last Friday, Marvel debuted the first 2 episodes of their newest series, WandaVision, on Disney+. The two-episode premiere introduced us to Wanda and Vision who seem to be living a quiet suburban life together. The tv series is set to look like a classic 70’s sitcom with its black and white colors, comedic banter, and set-up. This style is very different from the very modernized MCU films, but I found it to be refreshing and nostalgic to watch as it reminded me of shows like I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie

The two episodes focus on Wanda and Vision as they struggle to fit in their new neighborhood, Westview, as a regular couple all while trying to hide their unusual superpowers. Vision hides his red synthetic body by putting on a human man’s face and Wanda must hide her powers of psychokinesis. We also get to meet some new characters from Westview like their nosy neighbor, Agnes, and the Vision’s work boss, Mr. Hart. Between the light-hearted comedic situations that Wanda and Vision find themselves in, it is clear that all is not what it seems in Westwood as strange voices keep following Wanda. As the trailer hinted at as well, the series has moments where color appears in the seemingly black and white world leading many to speculate that something is off about Westview. Several fan theories have sprung up over the internet about what might happen in future episodes. There are a total of 9 episodes so fans can expect 7 more episodes to be released from the miniseries, which will be released one by one every Friday starting January 22 until March 5

WandaVision is only the first of many other series that Marvel has been planning such as Loki, Hawkeye, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so this is only a taste of what Marvel has in store for us and our beloved characters.

Emily Torres is a Junior at Florida International University, majoring in Psychology. She is a huge foodie and loves learning about different cultures. Her interests include musicals, traveling. poetry, and dogs! She is excited to share a piece of herself through her writing with HerCampus.
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