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The Weight Behind Your Words

I’ve been in conversations where I could feel the weight of someone’s words and how heavily they impacted the person. Even me with my own, I have caught myself saying something I instantly wished I would’ve worded better in that same moment I was saying them. In those quick but important moments, there is so much learned.


                I feel like it is talked about more times than not, but never actually put into practice when we say “your words can either kill or give life.” I can’t tell you enough how true this statement is. If we put into perception how loose lips cause more drama than actual growth, I think we would be much more cautious of what leaves our mouth.

When you speak to someone, you’re holding some kind of position of importance to them in that moment if they are giving you their attention. In other words, you are someone who is bound to influence this person whom you are speaking to. With that being said, the words you say are extremely important. The intention behind them is something that needs to be of only goodness and grace. And, if it isn’t- rethink if you should even speak. As humans, sensitivity is real, and for some more than others. Feelings can be crushed with not even a full sentence being said to them. And others can take more brutality word-wise than others.  If we just remind ourselves of the amount of power our words bestow and decide they will be only be used in a good light, we start building people rather than causing them harm. No, people will not always be an open book about their feelings or what they are going through. But pretend that every person you speak to has a piece of them that is not in 100% impeccable condition, and use that to humble yourself and the way you speak to other people. More times than not, it serves true. People face hard things and the last thing they need is a foul word spoken to them. So, change the scheme of things. Become a word-giver of only promoting encouragement. If there is something you need to say that may not be the most positive thing, try re-wording in order to clothe your words with love, even if they are firm. And if you can’t- you are better off not saying anything. Once you realize the depth of your words, you start to be more mindful of when and how you say things.


So, I encourage you to just keep this in mind when speaking to people. You could be the bringer of hope or the destroyer of dreams with just a few words spoken from your lips. Choose your words wisely. If someone is giving you the stand to speak to them, make it something they don’t regret doing, but actually become thankful for.




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