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Ways to Still Enjoy Valentine’s Day Even When You’re Single

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.
Make Yourself Some Treats

Instead of waiting for someone to give you some Valentine’s Day sweets or buying them pre-made, make them yourself and make a day out of it! Making chocolate covered strawberries is a newly therapeutic activity for me that isn’t too difficult and always comes out amazing at the end. All you have to do is buy strawberries, chocolate melts in the color of your choosing, and some sprinkles to top them off. If you aren’t as lazy as me and want to get more creative, you can even bake some cookies or other treats that require a bit more effort and make them Valentine’s Day themed. 

Go on a Picnic by Yourself

Picnics have now become my favorite activity in the world, and it’s mainly due to the peace and relief it always brings me. There’s something incredibly healing about being out in nature enjoying your favorite snacks and reading a good book while listening to music. Even if you’re feeling sad about spending Valentine’s Day by yourself, going out on a picnic will probably give you a sense of independence. It’s the perfect amount of refreshment to make you feel at ease with being alone. You can even take your chocolate covered strawberries as a snack!

Go Shopping and Treat Yourself

Even if you feel like you don’t deserve it, going for a quick shopping spree and treating yourself will be a nice reminder that even if you feel alone, you’ve always got yourself. You should be rewarded for enjoying your own company! Buying clothes online or even just walking around the mall always makes me feel better and there’s no better day to look for momentary relief than Valentine’s Day, so I definitely recommend it. You might get some nice outfits out of it and even get to change into one of them to continue the rest of your day. 

Binge Watch Love Island 

Every time I’ve had my heart broken, Love Island immediately becomes my best friend. Nothing makes me forget how much of a failure my love life has become quite like watching the Love Island contestants deal with their extremely dramatic and rushed relationships. I always become so engrossed in their own heartbreak that I don’t even remember to be sad about mine. If you’re feeling down on Valentine’s, just distract yourself with a random Love Island season and the day will literally zoom by. 

Listen to Some Taylor Swift 

This is for the end of your day when you’re feeling exhausted and are finally ready to let out any of the inevitable sadness that comes along with Valentine’s. If you’re not sad at all, then just blast some music and have a dance party in your room because that’s also always a vibe. However, if you still feel a little down because it’s nighttime, then it’s okay to just listen to Taylor’s heartbreak songs and let it out of your system. Sometimes letting yourself feel all the negative feelings allows you to feel much better afterwards. I’d definitely recommend listening to Folklore and Evermore; I’ll most likely be listening to “August” and “Right Where You Left Me” on repeat. 

You can still make the most out of this day even if you’re single – whether you choose to do these activities by yourself or with your other single friends!

Rachel is currently an English Major at Florida International University. She loves fashion, movies, books, and theater. Her dream is to move to California and work for a publishing company while she auditions for acting roles on the side. The arts are her passion, and this includes writing! If you ever want to discuss any of these things with her, feel free to reach her at her Instagram @rachelglez.