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USA Men’s Soccer Team Not Qualifying For The World Cup

Soccer is the one sport that brings the whole world together. From all different places, fans come together to support their desired teams, in hopes of making to the World Cup. Unfortunately, for the first time since 1986 the USA men’s team did not qualify for the World Cup.

On October 10, 2017, USA went against Trinidad and Tobago to qualify for the sixth spot in the World Cup. However, things did not go as most fans expected them. USA started off losing 2-0, until Christian Pulisic was able to score a goal for USA. From personal experience, this young 19-year-old player, was the heart of the USA men’s team on this day. Pulisic not only showed how deserving he is of this position but he also showed his passion for the sport of soccer.

Some will argue about the different causes for this loss, but personally, I feel that it was lack of passion. Our country has always been one of the highest in rankings, and with being one of the most privileged, there was no physical boundaries that could have prevented us from taking this win and being able to qualify. Trinidad and Tobago is a team that USA has been able to defeat in the past, and the fan base was expecting this win, but from the evidence in the game our team was not in the right head space. Passion should be the fuel that our team has at all times, win or lose, and from the beginning of this game passion was the one thing we lacked. Without that drive and perseverance, it dragged us down and we did not play to the highest of our abilities. Pulisic was passion driven the entire game, and it shows with him giving us our only goal in the game; but one person can’t carry a team and have a successful outcome.

In times like these where the world is suffering from so much with unity, USA qualifying would have been a big plus for our country. As silly as it may be, entertainment events such as the World Cup bring fans all around the world together, in effort to support their country. It’s a solid middle point where everyone can bask in the enjoyment of their country fighting for a title, and spreading pride for our nation. There is no race, sexuality, division, or hate… there’s just love for the game. The United States took a big lose, but so did their fans. However, even with the disappointing outcome, all fans are still standing together as one with pride for their country. We aren’t going to be able to show our talents in the world cup this upcoming year, but we all do stand together supporting USA and showing that this franchise represents one of the largest and strongest nations. 


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