The Underlying Reasons for Hollywood Breakups

It might be safe to say that we all had a time in our lives where we wished to be famous. We dreamt of the fancy clothes, cars, and houses; what a breeze life would be. While celebrities live lavishly, most aren’t able to live… normally. That is, they may not have experienced high school, college, or a calm date night with their significant other. Several different stresses are thrown at celebrities regarding their love life and it’s all from the public eye. 

If you were asked to think of a time when the Kardashians weren't famous, it'd be hard to think of. The family and all of their "troubles" have been in the public eye for a while. That being said, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have confirmed their break up. It took most of us by surprise but what topped the cake was news of rapper Tyga and Kylie being seen together. Whether there was romance behind it or not, it’s no one’s business. But the paparazzi’s job is putting their nose where it doesn’t belong, right? 

We, as a society, enjoy celebrity drama and tabloids continue to thrive because of it. Not all magazines and newspapers are bad, but it’s rare to find one that doesn’t reach for attention. Throughout Travis and Kylie’s relationship, the media posted possible cheating scandals surrounding Travis. The rumors were denied, but the internet won’t let it go. With information as sensitive as this, they might feel stuck under the public’s thumb.



Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian experienced the same interference of the media in her latest breakup as well. Instagram accounts and tweets instigated responses from each party involved that only made the incident worse.



Imagine having a middle man (or a million) standing between you and every person you ever got into a disagreement with. 

Tabloids and paparazzi never stop shoving intrusive questions into celebrities faces. While they don’t outright cause celebrity breakup, they add pressure onto the conflicts that stars face. Us as readers only add to the fuel by feeding into the clickbait and drama. The people we watch on TV or listen to on the radio are people just as much as we are. If they had it their way, they’d probably be able to have a nice dinner without 10 different cameras pointed at them. Celebrities deserve the human experience we all live every day, but they aren't even afforded the time to deal with a simple breakup.