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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

It is nearly the beginning of March which marks the start of Women’s history March. Although the point of this month is to recognize and remember all the great contributions women have made to our society throughout history, the topic is gaining interest due to a recent statement made by President Trump regarding Women’s History. 

While nothing negative was stated by the President, many are confused by the authenticity of his message due to his previous views on women’s issues. When brought up the subject of Women’s history Month, Trump states, “Our history is rich with amazing stories of strong, courageous, and brilliant women.  Since America’s founding, women have played an integral part in American innovation and productivity, while simultaneously raising generations of lively children and providing leadership in their local communities.”, which more on the statement can be found on the white house website. 

In addition to his alleged rumors, many doubt his intentions especially after removing the title IX guidelines as established by the Obama administration to help school’s handle sexual assaults on campus. In addition to President Trump’s statements, Ivanka and Melania took to social media to stress the importance of the awareness that this month brings to women,  only to also be shut down by the media claiming that their messages “fell flat” to the audience. 

Regardless of the statements being made, we can appreciate the fact that more people are better more that this month is dedicated to the ladies and all they’ve accomplished. 


Kaylee Perez.