Travel Guide: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Travel Guide: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Living in South Florida is a blessing--we only live three and a half hours from Orlando, the Theme Park Capital of the World! With that, one of the most exciting feelings EVER is planning a trip to Orlando, going on a road trip with your friends or family, and enjoying everything these theme parks have to offer. Below is a list of yummy goodies, instagram spots and a few tips and tricks to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible!

Food For Thought:

1. The Big Pink at Lard Lad Donut (Universal Studios) 

Have you ever seen a freakishly large pink frosted donut? Well, if you haven’t, Universal Studios is the place to go to try it out!  I would always see people posting on social media of the The Big Pink, but never really understood the hype. It wasn’t until this weekend where it was my time to form my own opinion-- let me tell ya, once I tried it, it was heavenly. I guess you could say it was love at first bite.

2. Chocolate Frogs (Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios) 

To all those chocolate-obsessed Harry Potter fans: Oh, do I have a treat for you. At Harry Potter World, you can find Harry Potter inspired chocolate frogs. I, being a total chocoholic, am obsessed with these chocolate frogs. Not only are they so so yummy, but they come in a very aesthetic, picturesque box with a wizard card.  

3. Antojitos (City Walk)

This may not be a sweet treat, but it is definitely a need-to-try dining spot! Located in City Walk, everything about this place is great: the food, the ambiance, the costumer service, the music. From the Mariachis playing American and Mexican hits to my delicious chicken burrito with guac on the side-- I 10/10 recommend Antojitos to anyone visiting Universal!

Picture Perfect Spots:

1. Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Islands of Adventure)

Harry Potter World is one of the most beautiful, aesthetic places in these theme parks. From taking cute pictures of your butterbeer and posing in front of the Hogwarts Express to taking pictures of the Hogwarts Castle-- you won’t fail to take a cute picture in Harry Potter World.

2. Mel’s Drive-In Diner (Universal Studios)

If you’re all into that old school, pop of color, classic vibe--then Mel’s Drive-In Diner is the SPOT for cute pictures. This 50’s inspired, retro restaurant is the perfect place if you want vintage vibes. From the exterior of the restaurant with its vintage cars to the interior with its jukebox-- all of it is just picture perfect!

3. Toon Lagoon (Islands of Adventure)

Toon Lagoon has the cutest instagrammable spots. All around Toon Lagoon, you can stand right under the thought bubbles and word clouds and pretend to be “saying” something funny and clever! With its bright colors and comic-themed sayings, Toon Lagoon is the go-to place for pictures!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Rip Ride Rocket

If there’s anything I love, it’s a thrilling roller-coaster and a good music jam. Well, in Rip Ride Rocket, you’re able to have the two! When going on this rollercoaster, you have access to   a screen and you can choose from the options provided what song you want to hear. But, here I am to offer a trick I’ve found out lately. If you go online and search up “Rip Ride Rocket Secret Song List,” you’re able to uncover so many songs that they have a three digit number next to it. To access these songs, you have to press the Rockit logo for five to ten seconds, and a number keypad will appear. From there, you put the number of the song, and boom! You are ready for your Rip Ride Rocket experience.

2. Arrive Early and Leave Late

This will always be my go-to tip for ANYONE visiting theme parks. I’ve noticed that arriving early and leaving late is the prime time for short lines! This way, you can head over to the most popular attractions and enjoy them before the wait times get longer and longer. But, staying in the park all day can be a bit draining--so, I recommend leaving the park for a few hours, maybe get some lunch and rest, and then come back a few hours before the park closes to end the day on a good note. 

3. Single Riders

One of the easiest ways to avoid those long lines is to use the single riders line. Essentially what this is, is in order to take fill the empty seats on rides, they take individuals waiting in the single riders line to maintain maximum filled seats in all rides. I've gone on the single riders line, and it really does save up so much time!