Tour the World on a budget

As a little girl, I always pictured myself walking down the streets of Italy with a gelato in one hand and my Stats in data textbook in the other. Now as a Junior in college, I fear that this picture perfect illusion might be shattered by the reality of dorm and tuition expenses. It is well said that those who do not travel only experience their full potential in life by 47% . 


There is now a company who has designed a so called “study abroad” experience for young adults that have not been provided the opportunity to do so through their campus. The name of the company is “Education First,” but it's better known as EF and has Education Tours as well as their Ultimate Break tours. There is a perfect trip for each person as there are over 65 tours offered by this company. 


How it works:

The Education Tours are guided by a Tour Director who is equipped with a team of expert, local tour guides. Although these students are not by definition doing study abroad as they are not enrolled in a college program overseas, this opportunity provides the students with a broad knowledge of the places they visit. 


The Ultimate Break tours are a bit different as it is no longer a program just for students. The only requirement is that the traveler falls into the age group of 18-29 years old and from there you can begin to pick the date of your trip, your stay time, tours to partake in, 4-5 star hotel stays, wine tastings, etc. Although you might sign up to go solo you will be traveling with a group composed of people with the same drive to explore and learn new cultures across the sea. 


For the time being, there are 71 trips available on the EF tours website dating all the way from Summer 2019 to Summer 2020. Trips can last anywhere from 9 days to 57 days depending on the distance and depth of the tour. Travelers can visit one city for 11 days or four cities in 9 days or over 5 countries in Europe in a month. Destinations include Europe, Latin America, Asia, and even Australia. 


Getting your money’s worth:

Anyone who has ever looked up the airfare for a roundtrip to Europe can tell you how pricey it can be (+1,000 dollars). Total trip prices begin at $2,000 a person and can reach $14,000 a person all depending on the tour picked. Tours include flights with airport transfers, metro passes, hotels and hostels, sight-seeing attractions, free breakfast, welcome mixer, and farewell dinner. 


Each trip taken with EF has an expertly crafted itinerary fit for the spontaneous explorer ready to be released inside all of us. It can be difficult to find the time and money to plan out a trip across the sea but with companies like this one, it is making it easier not only to save money with this bundle deal but to also save your energy. If you feel it is your calling to explore the vast unknown and enrich yourself in its knowledge yet you do not feel like it is possible for you to plan this trip at this moment sign up your email to receive deals, look into other companies such as this one, and be on the lookout for their semi annual sale to save hundreds of dollars.