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Tips to Help You Put Yourself Out There

After watching the movie “Yes Man” I began to realize how many opportunities I have closed myself off from due to the fear of the unknown and being scared of putting myself out there. I had to come to the difficult realization that I was a “No Women.” 

After turning 20 this past month, I came to the decision that it is time for me to open myself up to new people, exciting opportunities, and no longer hold myself back from saying “Yes.” In efforts to help guide myself in this new journey, I came up with a few tips to help myself and anyone else who wants to take on this new mindset with me!

Tip #1: Apply for New Opportunities

If you are looking to be more involved in school or in your community begin this new journey by applying for clubs or participating in volunteering opportunities in your area! Since starting college I wanted to apply to clubs and become more active in my school, but when I applied to a well-known club my Freshmen year and got rejected I lost all hope and gave up. Until I was in my Junior year of college I decided to let go of the fear and apply to the clubs I felt the most passionate about. After an anxious few months of waiting to hear back, I received acceptance letters into the clubs! Within these clubs, I began to meet new people and make closer connections with other students in my school who also shared the same interests as me. And that is when I realized by letting go of the fear of rejection and applying to be a part of new opportunities, I began to see myself open up to the possibility of the unknown. 

Tip #2: Allow Yourself to Experience the Good and Bad

After long-awaited self-realization I began to realize what held me back the most in my journey was myself. I was afraid to put myself out there since it could always have a positive or negative result, and what if it was something I didn’t like? What if I had gone on a date and didn’t enjoy the company? The thoughts always began to pile up until the point that I began to stop myself from experiencing the good and bad that we all face throughout our life. Since then, I knew what I had to do was become more open-minded and let go of all the negative thoughts so I can finally let myself experience life. 

Tip #3: Take a Leap of Faith 

Jumping blinded into new opportunities or experiences is never an easy task...that is why it is crucial to take the leap of faith and go in with a positive mindset. Now, when I say this I don’t mean to go in with high expectations but rather no expectations at all but to be along for the ride your life wants to take you on. It’s all about letting go of our control and allowing what is meant for us to happen naturally no matter if it is a positive or negative experience. When we take the leap of faith we put our trust in the process and whatever may come with it. 

All in all, on my journey to putting myself out there I’ve learned, is very difficult if I am not used to it, but it sure as heck is possible and has opened me up to several opportunities along the way. For the rest of 2020 and beyond, I’m challenging myself to take on new opportunities, go forward with an open mindset, and taking the leap of faith by putting trust into my journey.