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Tips and Tricks to Finding Cheap Flights

If you’re a person like me, you love getaways and traveling. Who doesn’t love exploring new towns, cities, and countries. Yet, last minute plans are usually expensive and a burden to plan out fast enough. Searching for flights is often tiresome as we look for the cheapest possible flight to our destination. After all, we rather spend our money in the destination we are headed to, not on the travel there. Here’s a list of some tips to help save you time and money when booking your next vacation:

  1. Be private: The cookies in web browsers store how many times you’ve checked a flight’s price and have no problem letting an airline know. Which is why prices increase each time after you search. Always search in incognito or private mode, don’t let the airline pressure you into buying a ticket because you think prices will keep rising.
  2. Know the cheapest time to fly: Throughout the year, there are seasons where flights will always be more expensive such as: Mid-June to August, Christmas and New Years Eve. Yet some seasons, in contrast, will be relatively cheaper to fly on such as: January to May and September to early December.
  3. Choose Southwest for domestic flights: Southwest is the original, low-cost airline and still, to this day, do not charge for your first two checked bags. Unfortunately, they don’t show up in any search engine except their own so you must log on to their website to check out their fares.
  4. Search for connecting flights yourself: If you’re flying somewhere and have a layover in a different city, it might be beneficial to check if you can book two separate flights. At times, it ends up being cheaper to book your own connecting flights and plan the legs of your trip separately. Though, a word of caution, be careful with the times you are booking. Take into account flight delays or any other extraneous variables that could interfere.
  5. Use student discounts: If you’re under 26 and a student, a lot of airlines provide student discounts. American Airlines and United Airlines are just some companies that help us out by honoring a student discount. Remember to do your research and talk to a representative to see if a student discount is possible with their airline.

We all want a vacation for the best possible price, and it is possible. Just keep in mind these tips and tricks and search correctly for your next fligh!


Valerie Castaneda is currently a Sophomore at Florida International University pursuing a degree in Marketing. She was born and raised in Miami, FL. and places her city on a high pedestal, She believes in the great importance of the written word and loves to write about things that inspire her. She loves traveling, studying, and listening to music while at the same time being updated on Pop Culture around her. Her dream is to eventually work at a record label in Artist Relations and manage artists. For the moment, Valerie works in Promotional Marketing and enjoys working with different brands and companies. Most recently, she worked Swim Week 2018 where she was exposed to the fashion industry and learned a great deal about the world-renowned week.