Time Travel To Another Decade With The Help of This Miami Restaurant

If you love milkshakes (who doesn't!?) and enjoy everything vintage, then this is your new favorite place in the whole world. Vicky's House is a hole-in-the-wall milkshake bar and tasting room, bringing you delicious treats while you travel in time to your parents' childhood home and relive the 80's pop culture in all of its glory. This little gem came to be thanks to the Kush Hospitality restaurant group, the same company behind other "it" spots in Miami like Lokal, Kush and The Spillover. The inspiration for Vicky's House is the owner's childhood home and "Vicky" is actually his mother's name. A more interesting fact is that the place has the original things from his mother's house, since she never got rid of anything. The cabinets, wallpaper, and floor mirroor are all probably older than you. Matt Kushcher, co-creator of Kush Hospitality, says that he wanted to create a space to pay tribute to his mom and all the moms out there, and to remember "You always have to go back to where you come from".

The place lives up to its hole-in-the-wall reputation as it only seats 12 people in its bar. They offer extraordinary milkshakes that will have you craving more, but also specialize in floats, ice-cream from its partners Wyndwood Parlor and Dasher and Crank, wine and specialty beer. At Vicky's House there is a place for everyone and the 80's vibe does not stay in the kitchen, the place also has a family room with an original Galaga arcade cabinet; the atmosphere is completely into character and the experience is very homey to say the least. 

On the first Wednesday of the month, Vicky's House becomes an actual tasting bar of local snacks and beverages from 5PM to 8PM and they also serve free Cuban coffee everyday at 3:05PM. Definitely a must in your foodie list for this week or the upcoming weekend, the good vibes will not disappoint. 

Pictures and Source: Vicky's House