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Tik Tok Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

Have you recently heard of a popular trend that has not started from TikTok? It seems like the 15 to 60-second videos that are publicized on the platform are starting a wave of change in today’s society in almost every aspect. 

Today’s popular app and social media site that everyone can’t get enough of is TikTok. People of all ages are able to find amusement from this app due to the original content and it’s innate ability to make everyone feel accepted, unlike other social networking sites such as Instagram. 


On TikTok, you don’t have to be perfect or showcase yourself in the best of lights. It’s very much a learning and creative community where people of all different backgrounds and interests come together! This being said, what is educated and performs well among millions on the app is considered valid!


Businesses of all kinds, especially the fashion industry, are striving to remain relevant on TikTok due to the effect the app has on creating trends and causing business success! There’s no telling when a TikTok will cause an outpour of remakes and recreations. The videos that have gained much attention have caused an impact in and out of the app!


In April 2020, during the national lockdown due to the Corona Virus outbreak, many people downloaded the application as a pastime. A popular trend on the app at that time was to make DIY Tye Dye Hoodies and Sweatpants! The simple design of tye-dye clothing began to be the most talked-about and most wanted fashion pieces. 


People from all over the world were showcasing the way they made their own tye-dye sets and began wearing them out. Tye-dye clothing now seems to be a must-have piece in everyone’s closet due to the fame it received from TikTok. 


Clothing stores of all kinds have now begun to sell different types of tye-dye clothing in order to keep up with the latest trends that have come from the app! However, to remain relevant on TikTok, fashion stores have begun to sign brand deals with the highly followed influencers on the app. 


Brands now pay TikTok stars hundreds to thousands of dollars to promote their clothes and other fashion items in hopes for their pieces to trend throughout the app! Even big brands such as Hollister are using TikTok stars, such as Addison Rae (who currently has 56 Million followers) to bring attention to their stores and new sales on jeans through their ad campaigns!


As of right now if a fashion trend isn’t relevant on TikTok, could it even be considered a trend at all? Tiktok is defining what is popular or not in the fashion industry and has an influence on its users. Will they continue to reign or will the app soon lose its domination?

Natalia Pineiro is a blogger, social media manager, and college student at Florida International University. Born and raised in Miami, Natalia has always adored how she was able to make longlasting friendships and connections with people from all over the world. South Florida is an extremely culturally diverse environment that makes it one of the most unique places in the world and Natalia couldn't be more proud of it. The passion she has for meeting people of different cultures has pushed her to travel to many destinations to explore new languages, food, and more! She loves sharing her experiences through blog posts, video editing, photography, and more!
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