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This is what your favorite Taylor Swift album says about you…

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

With the iconic Taylor Swift on tour and the upcoming release of the movie ‘The Eras Tour’ and the album ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version),’ let’s explore what your favorite Taylor Swift album says about you:

“Taylor Swift”
If this is your favorite album, you might have a nostalgic and sentimental personality. You appreciate country roots and enjoy storytelling in music. You are a very underrated person who deserves more credit and value. You are quiet but make a large impact when someone meets you due to your genuine heart and calmness. You love the outdoors, animals, adventure, and picnics.

If you love “Fearless,” you may be a romantic at heart and in love with 2000s movies. You like to live in fantasy and fall in love easily but sadly, get hurt too. You are the person who dreams about their first kiss, dance in the rain, take into account every little detail, and remembers every small interaction.

“Speak Now”
You’re likely independent and fearless. Love at first sight, golden retrievers, flowers, and acts of service are your love languages. While you may have a tendency to romanticize things, your passion is unwavering. Just be mindful of that vengeance lurking in the shadows, you’re not someone to be crossed.

You might have a complex, emotional, and passionate personality. Fall is definitely your season especially because now you can drink your Pumpkin Spice Latte. You like to create a little bit of chaos because you feel things deeply but you are very brave by putting your heart on your sleeve.

You are an enthusiast about embracing new trends, city life, and fashion. You exude coolness, thanks to your stylish wardrobe, and red lipstick is your trusty sidekick. You love to have a carefree lifestyle, savoring every moment, meeting new people, exploring new places and summer is your favorite season. You’re in a phase of personal growth, learning to let go of life’s little worries and start living in the present.


You may have a bit of a rebellious streak. You are not afraid to embrace your own individuality and have learned that even if the world is falling apart, you learned to love yourself no matter what and are very confident about who you are. Despite past experiences where trust was broken, you’ve emerged stronger, more cautious, and empowered.

If you love “Lover” you probably are a hopeless romantic, your laugh is so contagious that can light up a room. You are a ray of sunshine and fresh air among people. You love helping others and are very emotional and passionate. Having a lot of pictures of sunsets and the beach is your personality trait but you can get really loud in the car screaming your favorite songs at the top of your lungs with the windows down. You are very carefree and live life like you were in a movie.

“Folklore” and “Evermore”
You might have a contemplative and introspective personality that makes you daydream. You either love Gilmore Girls or Harry Potter, you seek academic validation and enjoy creating a large Pinterest inspiration board. You never give up no matter how many times you fall, you still keep trying. Cardigans, deep conversations, and a cup of coffee (accompanied by true crime podcasts) are your comforts.

You are the friend who is awake late at night overthinking (as we all are), you try to not care but is really hard when you feel judged. Your Spotify is full of playlists for all situations and feelings. The “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” don’t let you sleep and sometimes you bottle your feelings, making you a master at planning every next step to protect your feelings.

Stephanie Almonte is a 20-year-old senior transfer student from the Dominican Republic and writer at Her Campus at FIU. While also being part of Her Campus, Stephanie works as a Social media manager for a technology company and in her free time, Stephanie loves to create content for her YouTube channel. She is currently a senior studying BBA doing a double major in Marketing and International Business. Stephanie loves working out, listening to music, creating content and traveling! She loves Taylor Swift and has an obsession with Formula 1 and Grey’s Anatomy.