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Things to look forward to with your friends this fall season!

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Now that October has arrived, the fall season is officially upon us, which means pumpkin spice and everything nice. Even more so, having the ability to spend time with your friends through various activities. Here are various activities that you can spend this incoming spooky season:

outdoor Activities

You can spend an afternoon drinking an iced pumpkin spiced latte with your friends. Or you can go to your local pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins to carve. This occurrence can become a benefit when we have an upcoming midterm season, and you can get some fresh air and have a mental break. Also, you can spend group activities with your friends by going to local carnivals, such as the House of Horror or Halloween Horror Nights.

INdoor activities

Suppose you decide to relax and want to spend a spooky season indoors. Another way you can spend your fall season with your friends is indoors, baking anything related to fall, such as cinnamon rolls, a pumpkin pie, or pumpkin-flavored cookies. Also, now you have the opportunity to have scary movie marathons with loved ones. Also, if you want to spend the fall season by yourself as a way to do self-care, you can grab popcorn and binge-watch fall-related movies or watch your favorite shows with Halloween episodes. For example, my favorite series that have Halloween-related episodes are Abbott Elementary and Modern Family. Also, related decorations and home fragrances are set in the aesthetic.

But if anyone is also a sports fanatic, they can tune in to watch the baseball playoffs or football season!! Happy Halloween for those who celebrate!! Or Happy Fall Season!

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