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5 Thanksgiving activities for the whole family to enjoy

The holidays are among us and for those who as we prepping for Thanksgiving it can be a busy time. If you are looking for things to do with friends or family during this Thanksgiving besides the usual Thanksgiving feast, look no further. Below is a compiled list of activities you and others can do during Thanksgiving.

  • Watching the Thanksgiving parade

I enjoy watching the Thanksgiving parade early in the morning with my family while the food begins to cook. This is somewhat a tradition in my household. Watching the parade can kick start your Thanksgiving with friends and family. Enjoy a cup of coffee and sit back and watch the stunning performances.

  • Decorating for the holidays

You, you’re friends, and family can get a head start with decorating and planning for the upcoming holidays. This can help lower the load of what needs to be completed before Christmas arrives.

  • Watching Thanksgiving inspired tv shows/movies

My absolute favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving and overall autumn time is watching shows or movies that take place during this season.

  • Play a Thanksgiving themed trivia

Create a Thanksgiving themed trivia that can be played among others. Challenge others with trivia and questions related to the holiday and see who can become victorious in the game. Friendly-competition will surely lift everyone’s spirits before dinner.

  • Dance to music/play games

Dance to the sound of music before the big meal and show off your skills to your friends or family. Karaoke is also a fun activity to include as well.

Kaitlin is a current senior majoring in Marketing '22.
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