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These Lisa Jewell books will get you out of a reading slump:

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Based on the articles I have written before, it is clear that I love reading thriller books. There is something about how the author writes the suspense that keeps you from putting the book down. After reading Frieda McFadden’s books, I have wanted to look for other authors who also provide mystery and suspense. Thus, I have heard many recommendations from various platforms to read Lisa Jewell’s books. Here are a few books that Lisa Jewell has written:

Then She Was Gone

Laurel is a mother who is learning to keep herself busy ten years after her fifteen year old daughter, Ellie, had gone missing. Then, one day, she meets Floyd Dunn, a handsome man who is a father of two. His oldest is Sara Jane and his youngest is Poppy. When Laurel meets Poppy, she seems to be identical to Ellie. After meeting Poppy, Laurel has her suspicions and will not stop. Because of this, she figures out the truth about what happened to Ellie. 

Watching You 

Melville Heights is a nice neighborhood located in Bristol, England. A neighborhood that is filled with lawyers, doctors, and old-money academics. Even though this neighborhood is not the type to have someone murdered, everyone has skeletons in their closet. For example, Joey thinks nobody knows she has a crush on the teacher at the local school, Tom Fitzwilliam. Fitzwilliam’s son had been watching Joey from afar due to her strange behavior around his father. Also, Jenna Tripp is suspicious of Mr. Fitzwilliam due to his behavior toward her best friend and classmate. If you’re intrigued by this premise, I recommend picking up a copy of ‘Watching You‘ and diving into the suspenseful world of Lisa Jewell. 

None Of This Is True

One night, popular podcaster Alix Summers celebrates her 45th birthday in her local pub, where she meets Josie Fair. They realize they share the same birthday as they get to know each other. Also, the more they get to know each other, Alix becomes intrigued about Josie’s past. As Alix discovers that Josie has a terrifying past, she concludes that not only is her life in danger, but her family is in danger, which leads to her conclusion that became the subject of her true crime podcast.

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