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Funko Pops are figurines based on pop culture. Funko has figurines for a lot of your favorite movies, TV series, celebrities, video games and sport teams. You name it, they got it. Disney? Check. Marvel? Check. DC? Check. Harry Potter? You bet. Star Wars? You got that right. There’s many more I haven’t even mentioned. That’s how many there are. Funko Pops have more details in them now and there’s different varieties of it, from the glow in the dark to blacklight. Funko said it best “everyone is a fan of something.”

It’s never too late to start. So, let’s say you’re into The Office, you can search and look for the Funko pops they have and collect the whole collection or get your favorite character. Let’s not forget that you can also collect epic movie moments Funko pops. From Harry Potter’s final battle scene with Voldemort to Tony Stark’s hologram talking to Morgan Stark, Funko has what you want. It’s all up to you on how you want to set up your Funko pop collection. Currently, I’m trying finish my WandaVision collection and it hasn’t been easy to find some of them. Do I regret it though? Nope, this is something that has brought me joy. It’s like being a kid again. This is a hobby that I got into after buying three Funko pops at once. Ironically, I bought Captain America, Iron Man and Thor after watching Avengers: Endgame. I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s pretty fun collecting them, especially if you’re trying to collect them all. I have figures that showcase the things I love and connect with. I love Disney and Pixar as it gives me a sense of warmth as I remember growing up with those movies. Marvel changed my life and I want to always remember the feeling I had when I watched the film for the very first time.

If you’re interested in starting your own collection, I suggest you go to Funko.com. You might find something that peaks your interests. You can shop in-stores as well. You can check your local GameStopBoxLunchHot TopicWalmart and Target to see what they have in stock or shop for some exclusives. You can also follow some online stores on Instagram and buy from them.

As a beginner, I have a bit of advice for those who are just starting:

  1. Start off little by little. Don’t think you have to get them all at once.
  2. Make sure you have enough space. Trust me on this.
  3. It’s up to you if you want to keep the figures in the box or want them out of the box.
  4. Sometimes waiting works in your favor as a new edition may be added to the collection when the movie or tv series ends.
  5. It’s a bit addicting so control yourself as much as you can.  
  6. Follow some Funko pop collectors on Instagram or Tik Tok.
  7. Beware of scammers.
  8. Just have fun with them.
Chelsea Alexandra Marino is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism. She is also pursuing a certificate in Music Business. Her passions include music, soccer, video games, and Marvel movies.
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