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The Importance Of Inclusion In The Fashion World

The fashion world is something that we are all immersed in, whether you know everything about the top designers and all of their collections or if you know nothing about them. I am sorry to inform you, you still are a part of the fashion world; you make an investment in clothing according to your taste and that makes you a part of it.

Fashion is the industry in which we all get to experience something different according to what we like. It is the industry in which you can show your personality or create something new about it with just a piece of clothing. You may be wondering, how an industry that is made for expressing yourself through clothes could have a loophole that contradicts its whole purpose?. It all falls around exclusivity and exclusion. Fashion brands have predetermined what type of body a certain piece is made for. I would be surprised if a haute couture house used a plus size or regular size model; they use thin models because despite today’s society being more accepting of real bodies one of the most desirable traits is to be thin. Brands want to be desirable and in a certain way unreachable to many. 

Despite a lot of designers still not being open to regular or plus sized women to represent their brands, the ones that have done it have become outstanding to the public. Savage X Fenty is an example of this. This brand has one of the most diverse groups of women representing their brand and creates a sense of inclusion in the public, which makes it feel welcomed into wearing their items.

 A lot of lingerie designers used to portray women in their fashion shows as something perfect and unreachable. After watching shows that only showed extremely thin toned women I came to the conclusion that I was not made to wear that brand and did not want to go into the store until I reached the “desirable” body. That developed an eating disorder later on, which is what a lot of young women go through because of the desire to reach perfection. 

In the present, the fashion world is slowly becoming a safe place for people to show who they really are but it is extremely important to keep reminding ourselves that even if a brand represents itself in a certain way, it does not mean that one has to reach the body composition of the model. Inclusion and realness should be the new desire, not perfection.

I am an international FIU student from Ecuador majoring in Public Relations, Advertising & Applied Communications. I have always been very creative and I love everything related to art, that's why writing is not only a passion for me but something that is part of who I am. Moving to New York City after graduation is my ultimate goal. One thing that keeps me motivated through it all is knowing that what I do now serves for my growth and the realization of my goals in the future.
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