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Homecoming is around the corner which also means it is almost time to elect FIU’s new Homecoming King & Queen!

This week we had a chat with Tashaun Williams, one of the candidates eager to take the title of Homecoming King 2015. 

He told us a little about himself, his aspirations, why he is running for Homecoming King, and he gives some advice to future candidates. Read below:

1. Who is Tashaun Williams?
Tashaun Williams is a senior at Florida International University, graduating in December with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance
2. What are some of your dreams and aspirations?
I hope to one day be a top financial advisor with an extensive network. I also hope to build a financial firm, which would have special focus allocated to sponsorship and funding of non-profit organizations. I hope to be able to extend from Miami to my home country St. Kitts, to across the world like Asia and Africa.
3. What made you decide to run for Homecoming King?
I originally wanted to do it on behalf of the Biscayne Bay Campus last year but I did not. This year my chapter encouraged me to do it and I decided to give it a shot.
4. Your mantra?
“Think big. Think COLOSSAL.” This is how I feel about FIU’s “Worlds Ahead” mantra. 
5. What distinguishes you from your competition?
I do not know who all of the other contestants are, however I feel like I embody FIU. I have made it my goal to experience all aspects of the FIU Panther lifestyle, from student to staff to general member to student leader. I have been involved my entire college tenure and I have taken pride in the beautiful Biscayne Bay Campus, a campus that many panthers neglect for its true value.
6. How would your life change if you are to be elected as Homecoming King, and more importantly what impact would you have on the FIU body? 
I do not think I would change. However, the impact I would have on the FIU body would be one of encouragement. I am seen as being from the “smaller campus”; I am a part of an organization on campus that is relatively small (6 of us versus the 50+ members of other greek organizations). However, in the the grand scheme of things, the worse thing you can do is count yourself out before the race has even begun. You’re putting yourself in the losing circle without even trying. Explore the possibilities and maybe you might win.
7. How important is women empowerment to you?
Women empowerment is very important to me. I am a strong young man today because of the strong women I was blessed to have in my life. Because of them I have a certain threshold of what a strong woman is and I see that many young women of my generation aren’t encouraged to even come close to meeting that threshold.
8. What are some of the organizations that you are apart of here at FIU?
I am a proud brother of the Tau Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, a member of the Student Programming Council, a general member of the Black Student Union and the Caribbean Student Association. I am also a newly initiated member into Order of the Omega.
9. Do you think it is important to join clubs/organizations as a college student?
Of course, it helps to enhance your college experience. It helps you to build your network, as that plays a huge factor in determining your net worth. Also, it helps you to find interests and develop useful leadership and interpersonal skills.
10.  The best advice you have ever gotten?
What is important always gets done.
11. Whether you are voted Homecoming King or not, what advice would you give to people thinking of running for Homecoming King/Queen in the future?
If you want to do it then give it a try. It can’t hurt you. It can only build you. 
…And there you have it. As you can see, Tashaun is worthy of the Campus Celebrity title . He is a well rounded, intelligent, kind-loving individual with a positive mindset and ambitious goals for the future.
Make sure to follow and support his Homecoming Campaign @tashaun4king on Instagram! 


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