Tarte Shape Tape .... it Back Up in The Box?

Tarte is a cosmetic company that is loved by many people around the world. A myriad of their products have gone viral, and received nothing but shining reviews from people in the beauty community. Recently however, they released a foundation to be launched with their acclaimed Shape Tape Concealer; a product that every single beauty guru on YouTube cherishes and uses religiously to this day. The Shape Tape Concealer had glowing reviews and really changed the makeup game for so many people, so it was fair to say that the Shape Tape Foundation that Tarte was launching was more than just highly anticipated. As a makeup dabbler myself, the Shape Tape concealer truly gives you a flawless look on the skin, and I too was excited for the release of these foundations because, let’s be real, I can’t rely on my Giorgio Armani foundation for the rest of my life because it’s TOO MUCH. Tarte has always made good, medium range priced makeup that you can afford to spend money on from time to time. So, when the launch came, I was really just taken aback by the range of color choices they had. It was legitimately 7-10 shades of variation in the Caucasian skin tone, maybe 2-3 medium range colors, and 2 deep skin tone colors…… WHY DO BRANDS CONTINUE TO EXCLUDE THE BIGGEST MARKET THEY HAVE. Colored women have a difficult time truly finding anything in terms of foundations, and concealers for their skin tones because brands continuously put out shades that are so unrealistic, and exclusive to, what I’m assuming, is their ideal of beauty and I’m SICK OF IT. Considering the uproar that so many companies have had, and the amount of PR trips and packages that Tarte sends to their affiliates, they know their audience and consumers. To make mistakes like this, is absolutely unacceptable. At this point, companies should be doing everything in their power to be all inclusive, especially after the Earth shook to its core when Rhianna put out her Fenty Beauty line. Makeup companies are no longer welcome to play if they’re putting out shades that include 3 shades of deep and a million of light, and it was very clear from the second Rhianna put herself out there. Tarte put out a shade range that was more than well off for their concealer and previous products, so for this to happen this far into their career says a lot to me. Many beauty gurus pointed this out in their videos, and have even said they won’t be using their products in videos in protest until they fix the share range. They did put out an apology, however for some it was too late and not enough. It was put through an Instagram story, and they mentioned wanting to get the product out quickly as it was so anticipated and they had a few more shades left in the works. This could mean more deep shades, but we also have no idea. Yes it takes more time to create a perfect deep shade as opposed to a lighter shade, but to leave an entire group of people feeling like they’re an afterthought and it’s not fair to them when they spend their hard earned money to help the company grow the way it has. I stand with all of those who feel they were a second thought, the ones who thought they were not included, and the ones who felt ashamed of their skin tone because they thought once again, it was too much to ask to be included. It’s 2018, we need to start diversifying and loving/embracing “different”. We’ve come too far to start walking backwards. Here are a few of the videos I personally watched on the topic and got information from:

https://youtu.be/4cXsgT3ZcL8 - Jackie Aina

https://youtu.be/WNs7fkbANM8 - Alissa Ashley

https://youtu.be/-ep2OdAUwCM - James Charles

https://youtu.be/ZNC8XT93rds - Jefree Star

https://youtu.be/KaTr8JC0hFA - Makeupshayla