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Taking a walk into the FIU Food Pantry

While I was walking through the health center last semester, I passed by a sign advertising the FIU’s food pantry. I lived at Lakeview North at the time, and since I had a required meal plan, I didn’t really think too much about that sign and throughout my first semester at FIU, I never walked into the food pantry.

Starting the spring semester, I started going to Parkview, and I was excited to start cooking. However, this semester was a little bit different than not having a meal plan. I didn’t have the same support than I did in the fall, and so I needed help.

It’s hard to admit that you need help sometimes. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I walked into my classroom hungry. Going to class hungry was one of the worst experiences, not just because of the hunger, but of the fear that this would be an ongoing thing.

The saddest part of that experience, was bringing it up to a friend of mine, and hearing an identical story of not having food.

I decided to try out the food pantry, because at this point, why not? I figured, yeah it sucks to admit your vulnerability, but it beats being hungry.  

The food pantry is located in GC319. It’s available Monday through Friday and it’s available to any student without proof or evidence that you’re in need. You can grab up to ten pounds of food a week, with a variety of canned fruits and veggies, boxed milk, cereal, rice, pasta, chicken, tuna, snack bars, and even toiletries like pads and deodorant. All of these items are free to any student, and can be donated by students too.

FIU recently opened a new event where students could donate food to replace library fees, from March 19th until March 30th. This is a great way to take out annoying library fees, while also helping a fellow student who needs the food you give to survive.

When the food pantry was restocked, I saw another student laughing in glee, she was so happy that there was so much food available for her, she couldn’t believe it.

A big controversy for some people, would be to keep the food pantry quiet. However, in order to have more donations, more people should know it exists. This pantry is the perfect opportunity to bring people together, and to have a more healthier body with a clearer mind.

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