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Study Abroad Canceled? Here Are Three Things You Can Do In Florida

Even though our travels abroad with Florida International University have been canceled, we can still have fun. Do not fear, we can still make the most of our summer with some simple inexpensive or slightly expensive activities. Try to mask your disappointment with some positive vibes. Think of this as an opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends. A time to experience and create new memories within our state. I hope that this list, although small, is somewhat helpful to brighten your summer. Even if the list does not have something that interests you, may it give you many ideas for other activities. Also please be safe, make sure to take vitamin C and wash your hands. Do not let the Coronavirus rain on your parade! 

1. Devil’s Den 

I have never had the pleasure to go here, but it is on my bucket list. They provide lodging, but you can even tent out, glamp, or RV it. Airbnb is also an option for most people who are not to sleep outdoors, but it is more expensive. 

Devil’s Den is a spring, very famous for its “H2O: Just Add Water” vibes, you can pretend to be a normal teenage girl with some double life as a mermaid (do not wear a mermaid suit though, not sure if that is permitted). It also has a lot of history, a natural wonder, and it was bought in 1993. You may even see some historic fossils that go as far back as the Pleistocene Age. 

2. Siesta Key, Sarasota

One of my favorite places in Florida introduced to me by a friend who is from Sarasota. I will say there is not much to do than just stroll around the cute town and some of its wonderful stores (Buddy Brew coffee is amazing). The beach is not comparable to the Bahamas, but it does have the soft white sand and some clear waters. 

Generally, you would go there to gain some peace and silence, since it is a small town and is mainly known for its beach. If you are the type to just want to relax at the shoreline all day, this beach is the best place to do so. Sarasota has many other beaches as well to go to, where you do not have to pay for parking. 

Either a hotel will do or split Airbnb fees with your friends and family. It’s not inexpensive, but it will cost less than going to Hawaii or the Bahamas. 

3. Key Biscayne: Bill Baggs 

A Florida National Park with a beautiful view of a lighthouse. They have plenty of activities such as kayaking, bicycling, boating, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, wildlife viewing and there is obviously more, but if I list it all it will just be excessive. Check out their website linked above to see the endless experiences you can have. The entrance fee is eight dollars per vehicle, and the activities will also cost money. You can go there with a specific goal and just do that for the majority of the day.  

Maria Young is an English Major, with a minor in Psychology, at Florida International University. Chinese-Panamanian constantly traveling and moving to different parts of the world because of her dad's job. Maria enjoys reading and writing as well as spending time with her friends. Her favorite novel is Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy.
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