Streamy Awards 2019

The Streamy Awards is an awards show that recognizes online creators, both individuals and organizations. The show date is Friday, December 13.

The show is exclusively globally streamed on YouTube at



The show gives 50 awards to creators under different categories: the Streamy Awards, Streamys Brand Awards, and The Purpose Awards.

The Streamy Awards have categories that fall underneath it, such as: overall, series, subject, social video, music, podcasts, performance, craft, and audience choice. Some of these larger categories, such as overall, series, and audience choice, have subcategories. 

The Streamys Brand Awards focus on branded content, for example Influencer Campaign and Branded Content Series. 

The Purpose Awards focus on creators, companies or brands, nonprofits or NGO, and legacies who work for the social good. 

Fans on content creators watch the show to see if their favorite “YouTubers” win big awards online. The most famous category is Creator of the Year. This year, some of the nominees for this category include David Dobrik, Emma Chamberlain, MrBeast, Ninja, and Tana Mongeau.



Vlogger David Dobrik is leading this year’s Streamy Awards with 11 nominations. Asides from Creator of the Year, some of the main awards Dobrik is nominated for is the First Person Award, Podcast, Collaboration, Directing, Editing, and Ensemble Cast. He is also nominated for Brand Awards for his engagements with Chipotle and SeatGeek. His four minute videos has gotten Dobrik has over 14 million subscribers on the online platform. 


(Gif Credit: Tumblr)

The 1st Annual Streamys Awards show was broadcast in March 2009 and has aired every year since. 

The Streamys are not the only show that awards online creators. The Shorty Awards and the Webby Awards focus on social media and online presence because of online platforms growing in popularity.