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Spring Break: 4 Beauty Tips & Tricks

Spring Break is coming up! You’ve been working on your bikini body and you can’t wait to post those fun Instagram pics. However, we all know you can’t cake your face for the beach. I’m well aware that many women feel totally comfortable hitting the beach barefaced— which is totally awesome! — but I also know that there are others who would rather opt for a little makeup.

1. BB Cream 

 Instead of using heavy foundation in the sun, I recommend getting a Blemish Beuaty Cream that contains SPF. This will hydrate and protect your skin from harmful UV rays,  while still giving you some kind of coverage. BB Creams are usually light weight and leave your skin looking dewy and natural– which is what us girls want on a hot spring break beach day. 


2. Faux Glow 

Although you’ll want to be tanning it up this spring break, it’s important to remember that too much sun can also be a bad thing. On days where I feel like I look a little pale, instead of spending ridiculous amounts of time under the sun, I usually pick up a self tanner. This is a great way to look like you’ve beentaking advantage of the break without adding serious damage to your skin. 

3. Beach Touch Up Tools

Now for the girls who are going to be wearing a little more than just BB cream, some basic touch up tools are essential if you want to be looking photo op ready at all times. I recommend packing some Q tips to take care of any smudges, blotting papers to reduce oily looking skin and shine, and finally a tinted lip balm to protect your lips while giving them a pop of color. 

4. Eye Lash Extensions 

I find that eyelash extensions are actually a great hack for Spring Break or any kind of vacation. Anyone can tell when you’re trying too hard at the beach, and no one wants runny mascara while having fun in the sun. Eye lash extensions are a great way to feel confident without having to put any eye makeup on, so you can make it out the door without feeling too self conscious. 




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