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Spotify Wrapped is the expected Christmas surprise

For those who use Spotify, December is the time where people are waiting for the yearly recap. Spotify Wrapped is a personalized yearly summary of a fan’s listening experience. Spotify wraps up each year in a unique way. It’s full of the known and unknown as people know what their music taste are but sometimes are taken by surprise what song, genre, and artists they listened to the most.

2021 is a year that kept the world on their toes. Spotify made sure to remember that as they wrapped things up. Spotify 2021 Wrapped started with songs that would play if you were the main character in a movie. And what’s a movie without a soundtrack? Then you got the roundup on how many minutes you spent listening on Spotify. It continues telling you what your top songs of the year were. Spotify proceeded to tell you that it made you a playlist for the year. 

Something different they did this year was create an audio aura to tell you what your music mood was. Each color was assigned based on the type of music you listened to. Purple was paired with passionate music listeners that listen to amped-up music that helps you get through the day. Green was paired with introspective listeners who go for complex music to tame their fast-paced minds. Pink was paired for the listeners who see the world in optimistic view and are filled with childlike wonder. Orange was for the bold listeners who need high-energy music to listen to. Yellow was for the listeners who needed music to motivate them while calming any jitters that may arise. Blue was for the emotional listeners who sought out music to express their emotions.

After the audio aura, listeners saw what their top genres were for the year. Though the style choice for this part of the wrapped was odd. You were able to play two truths and a lie to see if you knew your own music choices. Your top five artists were the last thing you saw of your personalized summary. Spotify Wrapped ended with them saying “thanks for making us a regular part of your totally irregular year.” They know that people share their music summary on their social media handles, so Spotify customized the wrapped in different colors showing your top artists, top songs, top genre and how many minutes you listened to.

Go check your Spotify Wrapped to see what you got.

Chelsea Alexandra Marino is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism. She is also pursuing a certificate in music business. Her passions include music, soccer, video games, and Marvel movies.
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