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2018 was known for many things. From the Royal Wedding to the Facebook trials. 2018 was a full packed year. Continuing from 2018 is the #Metoo movement. As more and more women come out during 2019, we are getting more and more apologies from those who have been accused of sexual harassment. That being said, many critics and activists are saying sorry is not enough. Those who have been accused of committing sexual assault or harassment need to take responsibility.

In general, humans have this tendency to be defensive. Even when they are in the wrong and they most likely know, they are wrong, it is human nature to be defensive. Not to say that is an excuse to why some apologies are lousy but it gives people an insight on why certain apologies are not the greatest. It is important for those who have been accused to take responsibility foir their actions. They need to understand the role they played a part in and what their action plan is moving forward.

Not every survivor or victim wants an apology but for a lot of victims it does help with their recovery process. That being said, it is not just saying “I am sorry for what I did to you.” The apologies need to show responsibility and action. Especially, during the #Metoo movement, it is really important for those who were accused to publicly apologize correctly.



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