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Music is a universal pleasure of the world. I mean who doesn’t love music? We all have those songs that get stuck in our head, or those artists who keep surprising us with every album that comes out. Today I want to share my favorite songs on my “on repeat” playlist from Spotify. 

Back Door by Stray Kids

Hey, you wanna come in? This iconic line runs through my head day and night. This song came out on September 14th, 2020 and is one of the many tracks on their new album titled “IN LIFE.” The K-pop boy group never fails to bring catchy electronic beats that will get you up and dancing. 

Ego by BTS 

This song is one of the many tracks from BTS’ album “Map Of The Soul:7.” I always feel so uplifted and happy whenever this song comes up on shuffle. Also, the lyrics are so beautiful it reminds you that if you trust yourself you’ll go down the path that is meant for you. A great beat and lyrics? This is the whole package! 

Make A Wish (Birthday Song) by NCT U 

This song is everything I’ve ever wished for. NCT is another huge K-pop group that is revolutionizing the music industry. The group consists of 23 members, that’s crazy! This track is off their new album called “NCT RESONANCE Pt.1,” and it absolutely bops! This is definitely a song that will make you feel like everyday is your birthday. 

Blueberry Eyes by Max ft. Suga of BTS 

This song is adorable, the sweet lyrics and romantic melody just makes my heart flutter. Not to mention that Max and his wife learned Suga’s Korean rap for the music video. The culture clash is so satisfying! This is definitely another great mood booster. 

Sofia by Clairo 

If bedroom pop is your favorite music genre then Clairo is an artist you should listen to. This track is off her newest album titled “Immunity.” Also, this song has become pretty popular on TikTok. This is definitely the perfect song to jam out to anywhere. 

My Future by Billie Eilish 

This song holds a special place in my heart, it’s not just the music but the lyrics that really connect with me. During a time when everyone feels alone it’s important to remind yourself that you are the most important person in your life. Yes, relationships are nice but being with yourself can be much better. 


Hi, I'm Katherine. I am inspired by the arts, adore Asian culture, am a huge animal lover and enjoy writing. I hope my creative works bring enlightenment to the readers of Her Campus. Let the good times roll!
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