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Something To Cheer You Up

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Is it just me, or does it seem like sometimes the world looms with negativity? Every time I watch television or go on any type of social media nowadays I feel so drained. Whether its seeing an ugly Facebook feud over anything political, or hearing about a terrible tragedy. Its been a tough couple of weeks my friends. With the stress of Irma and witnessing people deal with their loss of property and belongings, one could say we all need a break and a hug. So what if we posted more positive stories on the internet? Im not saying to ignore the news or to stop reading about the current events, but what if we make it an effort to share the type of news that doesn’t get published everyday? I’ve scoped the internet for some of your not so typical news stories. Here are a few of current events that will brighten your day. Its just as important to focus on stories that make you happy as it is to read the ones that keep you informed. I think we all need a little more happiness in our lives.

Photo: https://www.petsworld.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/betty-walter-Im…

  • Betty Walter survived hurricane Harvey along with providing shelter for 20 dogs in her home. She was able to get all of the dogs up in her attic with her, to avoid flooding and hope for rescue.  She stated that the water just kept getting hire and hire. She was offered rescue by first responders, but was told that they did not have enough room for her pets so she politely declined the offer. Thankfully, Buck Beasley headed to her neighborhood with a flat bottom boat in search of anyone he could rescue. When he and a couple of other men found Walter and her 20  dogs, they were more than happy to help. It turns out that Beasley and his wife are volunteers for the Bay Area Pet Adoptions, and actually had a whole part of their property specifically for homeless dogs to ride out the storm. Today Betty Walter and her 20 dogs are still living with the Beasleys until the areas are livable once again. 



  • I think all of us girls can attest to the fact that magic always happens at Target. This story actually brought me to tears. Alyssa Hacker was shopping with her son Owen. Owen had three dinosaurs in his hand and was debating on which one he would take home, since he was aloud only one. While doing so, Owen saw an older man walk by and he yelled “Hi”. The older man turned to him and started talking with him. Then before he left he placed a twenty dollar bill in Owens shirt pocket and told his mother, “ I lost my two year old grandson last week. You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs.” The older man then rubbed Owens back, wiped his tears, and left.



  • Lauren Durham and Micheal Davis had planned to get married in the second week of September on a beach surrounded by their family and friends. Their plans quickly changed because they were called to help with hurricane Irma relief efforts. These two members of the Air National Guard got married in a convention center in uniform while surrounded by friends in service and strangers who came to help as well. After the ceremony, the two quickly ran off to help those in need.  

Photo: image: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/09/kaeqj-military-couple-cancels-…


I hope that some of these stories not only help to brighten your day, but also motivate you to some good as well. Especially in times like these where people are hurting, just a simple act of service or smile could go a long way.

Sending all of my love and prayers to those affect by the hurricanes.

Until next time,

Gaby V