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Simple 3 Steps to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

These past few days have been an ongoing wave of stress and lots of homework. We have reasons to believe we are not the only ones facing writer’s block lately. One just needs to walk through our Green Library and look at the many students hunched over their computers trying to stitch sentences together to understand this common epidemic. Well, it is likely that stress slows down our cognitive abilities, for which we see ourselves unable to finish those essays, reports, or projects on time.

But, YES! You can fight your writer’s block off and not necessarily by pushing and stressing yourself further. Here are some tips.

1.       Clear Your Mind 

Watch a film, read a book, talk with someone on the phone, or even take a stroll through GC. Take a break for 30 minutes to an hour in order to relax yourself. But do something that will take your mind off things completely, otherwise your break will be inefficient and instead you will just fall back into the stress pattern by thinking of everything you still have to do.

2.       Be Confident

You know you have it in you to finish this. Remember your first impression of the assignment? Well, I’ll remind you. You said it was piece of cake, deadly easy. So don’t think about it too much and let those fingers move on their own. They know what they’re doing.

3.       Set a Schedule.

The trick about this is knowing your limits. You know you have a hundred and one things to do before this semester is over in two week, and that’s precisely what has you on edge. However, if you want to get rid of this writer’s block, you have to be in control of your time.  Set reasonable deadlines for your work, and set them in a way you can take breaks and still finish with extra time. Looking at your schedule and knowing you have more than enough time will help your confidence and will relieve you of stress.    

Nathalie Fleitas is a marketing major and an English minor at Florida International University. She a words' enthusiast, a bookworm, and she gets overly attached with fictional characters. She likes making up stories about anything that she can imagine and later write it on paper. But overall, she hopes she can one day write something that will inspire millions of people.
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