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Sex Education on Netflix: Why It’s Important

The hit Netflix original ‘Sex Education’ is a comedic coming-of-age TV show that covers a wide range of sex-related topics. It takes a different approach to tackle relatable issues that adolescents face growing up. While season 1 already tackled a vast majority of relatable sex topics, season 2 brings many new situations to light. 

The show follows Otis Milburn, a teen whose mother is a sex therapist. Because of his mom’s background, Otis finds himself in a potentially beneficial situation where he can sell the sex advice his mom teaches clients to help his peers with their sexual issues. 

‘Sex Education’ tackles topics like sexual assault, pansexuality, asexuality, etc. The show presents itself as a clever way to educate the youth on sex-related topics being that all the information given on the show is factual.

The show follows the storylines of not only the teenage students but the adults in the show as well. It’s part of the show’s overall message that people of all ages have triumphs and struggles. 

The concept of this show brings an even bigger issue to light- the lack of proper sex education in school. It is shown throughout the show through the teenagers and adults that have no idea how to properly deal with their sexual issues because of a lack of knowledge. Shows like these are important because they bring light to issues that are often swept under the rug. 

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