Scuba Certification 101

Ever dream about breathing underwater? Growing up it was the one superpower I always wanted. Thinking about it realistically the closest you can ever get to the real thing is scuba diving. Once you try it out you’ll never forget your first breaths underwater.

During the course your instructor will tell you and show you all the magnificent joys of diving. Then he’ll go through what equipment you need, how to use the equipment and the basic maneuvers you’ll be doing. Afterwards, you’ll do everything step by step in a pool and later do it in the ocean once your instructor feels you’re comfortable.


While getting my certification I encountered many exercises during the training that felt unnatural and made me feel uneasy. These exercises included taking off your mask while underwater, removing your tank several feet down underwater, etc. It’s challenging because you’re not used to making all these movements while focusing on breathing calmly underwater and in an environment with barely any gravity. But in the end after I got used to the equipment and was able to swim around with all the wildlife, it was one of the best life experiences I’ve had so far.


There’s a couple things you need to know before jumping in to get your license:


  • There are several courses depending on what kind of scuba diving you’re interested in. Whether it be cave diving, night diving, open water diving, etc.


  • Scuba diving may seem as something easy but it can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions.


  • Check in with your physician if you’re able to scuba dive if you have asthma or any other irregular breathing problems.


  • Research diving and certification courses/schools to see which one is right for you.


Many associate snorkeling as the same as scuba diving but nothing compares to being able to dive down and see things up close in personal without having to hold your breath.

While diving may not be for everyone it’s a great way to have first-hand interactions with nature and see our marvelous coral reefs—before they entirely disappear. We may be the last generation to see these ecosystems considering at the alarming rate they are deteriorating.