The Scandal Behind Jeffree Star's New Concealer

Jeffree Star has officially released two additions to his cosmetic line -- The Magic Star Concealer and the Magic Star Powder to match. With the release of his newest palette Blue Blood no one really expected the release of these products any time soon. Jeffree had always said that he wanted to expand his brand into face products as well, and talked about wanting to get into making foundations, concealers, and everything else. To see them come to fruition was something the entire beauty community was really hyped for, to both play with and just put to use. 

Despite all the positivity surrounding these products, there was a hiccup (to say the least) before the release of this highly anticipated product. On March 15th, 2019, Jeffree states that around 1am, his warehouse with all of his products was broken into, and $2.5 million dollars worth of product was hijacked and stolen. Among those products were palettes, lipsticks, and a whole entire shade of his brand-new, unreleased concealer. Jeffree says that it was a hit from a team of professional burgulars who came in through the roof. An employee noticed that the warehouse was broken into and informed Jeffree, leaving him worried on his flight home from Dallas. Though they did not steal everything in the warehouse, they did hit a large amount of products from many different areas. 

The shade C5 of the Magic Star concealer was the one to be targeted predominantly. The people who broke into the warehouse stole these products in order to sell them on the Black Market. This in turn means that other people will either buy them illegally or try to sell them for cheaper prices. Not only did the product get leaked a month in advance before Jeffree even announced the launch; it also means people who purchased the product (if anyone did) now owns an illegal product. It has damaged so many people in the beauty community, and now Jeffree has FBI and law enforcement involved to try to catch these people.  This is an issue for many makeup giants in the game, and is something to definitely keep your eye out for.


Jeffree has since made his official release video for the concealers following the video talking about the scandal, showing off the products and letting his consumers know the new C5 shades will have a new type of packaging so you can tell the difference between a stolen one and the real deal. Jeffree has also pushed the launch date up so they are now up for grabs on his website and on Morphe websites/stores as well.