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S I M P L I F Y your life today


A simple life is a happy life. No stress, no negative thoughts, and most importantly no unnecessary factors. Its essential for ones well being to focus on what truly matters and what brings peace and happiness to YOUR soul. Take a step back and evaluate your entire life: school, work, hobbies, and relationships. Ask yourself “Is this meaningful?”or “Is this affecting me positively?” When we take a look at the bigger picture, we realize what is actually important, not what we think is. Its quite easy to lose sight of the significant things and people in our lives, but its never too late or early to start your journey. Here is a starters guide with tips to improving the quality of your life:

  1. Disconnect from technology!!!!- The thought of being away from technology might sound frighening to most, even myself, but is essential to finding yourself and coming to realization. Try to reduce the time you spend in front of your phone, computer, and television. Technology takes away from enjoying the beauty of life and nature. Next time you’re out with friends, family, significant other, turn OFF your phone. Be present. Be mindful. ENJOY the moment. Just because you didnt take a picture and post it, doesnt mean it didnt happen. IT DID. You dont need to prove yourself to others. :)
  2. Get rid of things- We are all guilty of having a corner cluttered up with stuff we havent used or seen in YEARS. Having mess and unnecessary things in your living space affects the energeies in that space greatly. I took initiative yesterday and got rid of a thousand things. I do this ever 3-4 months. Try it out. I promise you, you will feel better afterwards, like you got a weight off your shoulders. 
  3. SET GOALS- This is KEY to living a simple and peaceful life. Why? Because you are focused on what YOU want. You KNOW what you want, there are no distractions. Believe it or not you could find inspiration in everything and everyone. Buy a journal and take it everywhere with you. Whenever you feel inspired or decide to set a goal… write it down. This method is actually more effective than you think. I practice it everyday and it has helped me in keeping track of what I want in life. Every month write your goals and every day read them and ask yourself “Am I doing what I need to do to reach those goals?”
  4. Live what you love, do what you love- I live by this quote. This is YOUR life. The only one you have. Life is too short to not dedicate your time to what you want. Be you. Be a free spirit. Want to do yoga every day? GO! Wamt to start a band? GO! Whatever brings happiness to your heart, DO IT. There are very few things in life that make our adrenaline rush, find yours. 
  5. Spend quality time with your loved ones… those that truly care about you- Its easy to get caught up in popularity and wanting to satisfy every single person. Drama here drama there. Fake friendships here and fake friendships there. Through the years I’ve realized the importance of dedicating time to those that support you, motivate you, and bring genuine joy into your life. Lets stop trying to satisfy every single person in our lives, that isnt our job. Always be kind, and always be gentle BUT never change who you are or sacrifice your well being for others. Evaluate your relationships.

Take action now and take control. Live the life you’ve always imagined. Simple is better. Be a free spirit lovelies. HCXO.

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