Review of Miami Lakes Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch

Nothing quite like celebrating the fall season than visiting a pumpkin patch. This past weekend, I head over to the annual pumpkin patch at Miami Lakes United Methodist Church, one of the few pumpkin patches in Miami held every year located on 14800 NW 67th Ave, Miami Lakes, FL 33014. And as my first time going to a pumpkin patch, excited was an understatement. This pumpkin patch surely exceeded my expectations. Here are my thoughts on it.

I think I should begin by mentioning that all the profit collected by the pumpkin patch go to supporting hurricane relief missions in Florida, and provides funding for the church’s recovery program helping individuals struggling with addiction. This stood out to me the most as it’s focal mission is geared towards a good cause and to help those in need. Guests are able to enjoy the pumpkin patch while supporting a good cause. It’s a win-win for both! 

Upon entering the patch, the very first thing that immediately catches guest's attention is a huge pumpkin jack-o-lantern that guests walk through to enter the field. This huge one of a kind pumpkin patch themed entrance looks just like the jack-o-lantern in the hit Disney Channel movie "Halloweentown". This was the perfect first stop to capture a cool photo. Pro tip: Get there early when the crowds are smaller and the sun is still out to capture the perfect photo.I wasn’t able to take a picture when I first got there due to the large crowds, but I managed to get one at night when it was less crowded. 

                                                                         Credit: Gemma Nunez

                                                                         Credit: Gemma Nunez

Pumpkins were spread out evenly all throughout the field with various sizes and colors to choose from where guests could pick a pumpkin to purchase or simply just take pictures with. Should they choose to purchase a pumpkin, the purchase tent was located just across the entrance of the patch where guests were able to purchase pumpkins and beverages. Coupons were also given out to guests upon entering the patch that could be used towards the purchase of pumpkins to save an extra $2.00

                                                                         Credit: Gemma Nunez

As I mentioned, there were SO many photo opportunities spots all around. My boyfriend and I spent 3 hours just enjoying all they had to offer and taking cute fall pictures. Photo spots included: photo backdrops including a customized Instagram frame backdrop with the patch’s name, a windmill decorated with scarecrows, a tractor surrounded by tons of pumpkins, a hay carriage and a pumpkin princess carriage. The best part was that they offered professional photographers to take pictures and the pumpkin patch staff helpers were also helping guests take photos. One of the staff personnel was kind enough to take pictures of my boyfriend and I at the windmill and we ended up with amazing photos. The windmill and tractor photo spots were definitely my personal favorites.                                                                          Credit: Gemma Nunez                                                                          Credit: Gemma Nunez                                                                           Credit: Gemma Nunez

As far as entertainment, the pumpkin patch offered a maze, weekend performances including Disney sing-along karaoke, a performance and meet and greet with a pumpkin patch princess, face painting and balloon creations. Definitely all things geared towards children, but also for the young at heart. We went on a Saturday, so we got to see the pumpkin patch princess and got to see the Disney sing-along karaoke in action, and let me just say that the children were having a blast.                                                                          Credit: Gemma Nunez

If you’re wondering whether there was any food sold, the answer is YES. One of the church’s sponsors is Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill, so there was a Flanigan’s food truck on-site at the church’s parking lot where guests were able to choose from a variety of food to purchase. There was also a selected lawn area near the entrance of the pumpkin patch where guests could sit down and enjoy their food. I personally thought that this was so cool and very organized. For guests who purchased food and left the pumpkin patch, they could easily just re-enter later as long as they had the stamp on their hand that was given to guests upon paying the entrance fee. But the Flanigan’s food truck wasn’t all they had. The pumpkin patch also offered kettle corn, cupcakes, and pumpkin bread from none other than Vicky Bakery, another sponsor supporting the annual event. A snow cone stand was also available, which was in high demand by guests. 

Overall, as my first pumpkin patch experience I was definitely not disappointed. There was so much to do and I managed to get so many cute pumpkin patch pictures in the end. This was the perfect fall date and a definite success. I’m already looking forward to the next pumpkin patch adventure next year and can surely say that the Miami Lakes Methodist Pumpkin Patch is a must-go-to if you’re in the Miami area. 

The pumpkin patch runs every year from September 27-October 31 and is open daily Monday through Sunday from 10 AM to 9 PM. Admission is $3 from Monday-Thursday and is $5 from Friday-Sunday. For more information on the annual pumpkin patch event you can visit the church’s website here.