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Plan B
Plan B
Alexandra Redmond / Spoon
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The film ‘Plan B’ portrays how difficult it was for two teenage girls– Sunny & Lupe– to find the pill (Plan B) in South Dakota. After a regrettable decision to have unprotected sex, Sunny (17) has 24 hours to effectively take the pill. One of the biggest issues in the film was that there were a limited access to the pill for young girls in this situation. Sunny could not inform her mom because she felt like she would disappoint her. On the other hand she was also underage, so the pharmacy doctor refused to sell her the pill. Soon after Sunny and her best friend (Lupe) decided to take a mini road-trip to the nearest planned parenthood in Rapid City.

The Problem

This situation has occurred to many teenage girls in the United States. For underage girls, the Plan B pill can be difficult to access, especially in rural areas. The Plan B pill can be described as a contraceptive pill, usually taken 24-72 hours after unprotective sex to prevent pregnancies. Sometimes pharmacies even require a prescription to access the pill, which is ridiculous, taking into consideration the time frame you have for the pill to work effectively. This simple mistake could completely change any teenager’s life forever.

The solution

After going through the trouble of stealing her mom’s car a driving three hours to a different city, Sunny comes to find out that the closest planned parenthood was shut down infinitely. At this point she has no other option but to talk to her mom about her situation. In my opinion, talking with your parents is the best and safest thing you could do. As a parent, it is important to understand your children point of view and support them in whatever they need. Even if your kid has made a mistake, parents should realize that we all make mistakes. In the film, Sunny’s mom was very understanding, even so that she took Sunny to the pharmacy and bought her the Plan B pill. She was outraged that the pharmacist denied selling Sunny the pill, causing her to carry out an insane yet exciting road trip with her best friend.

From this film, I recommend that if you’re going to be sexually active to practice safe sex. I recommend for teenagers to open up to their parents, even when it is a sensitive subject. And for parents: try to remember what it felt like being a teenager. We all make mistakes, however your kids can cope with their problems a lot better when they receive the support they need.

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