One Day At A Time

Finally, after months of waiting and seeing teasers from the cast members, the show is finally back on Netflix for its third season. The Netflix series with 13 episodes, 'One Day At A Time' is definitely one to watch or to add to your 'watch list.'

Not only does it include the legendary E-GOT actress Ms. Rita Moreno, as the loveable abuelita, Lydia, but it also includes many other familiar faces! If you have watched the TV series 'Scrubs', 'Gilmore Girls,' or 'Brooklyn 99' then chances are you will see a lot of familiar faces throughout this season's episodes. Now, for the sake of those who haven't watched the show, here is a synopsis. ODAAT revolves around a Cuban-American family who resides in California and as the title suggest, they take each moment one day at a time. The Netflix series takes on challenges that happen not only in the Latinx community, but topics such as the #MeTooMovement, LGBTQ, MAGA, and many more. It is a show that tackles very sensitive topics in a comedic way. The best thing about this show is that it tackles every single topic there can be in the Latino community. Yeah, there are episodes where you're like 'wow #related' because of how the creators, producers, and everyone else behind the camera crafted the content and embodied it so perfect. The situations are so spot on, that you may even have that situation occur with your family at some point. 

Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, both showrunners, really hit a bulls-eye with this gem of a show. It's not every day that Latinos are given respectable roles that don't include the stereotypes. This show truly gives off that family feeling. Sometimes it makes you forget that you're watching a TV Series because of how well constructed it is.  In order to not spoiling anything more, here is a slight recap of what happens. There is an ex-army single mother, Penelope, played by Justina Machado raising her two children. Penelope does it all andnshe has been through it all. Justina Machado killed the role and plays the perfect role of the single mother trying to juggle it all while she plays it cool with her kids and tries to manage her mom. Her son Alex, played by Marcel Ruiz, is the typical 'concentido' child, but not by the mom no, by the grandmother Lydia. Together Alex and Lydia are a duo that is just too much to handle by themselves but, now, together... let's just say that they are 'candela'. Lydia, is the typical latina abuela with her cafecito Bustelo in the mornings, to the sassiness, her sly comebacks, her 'Cuentos chinos' and of course the croquetas. She is the sassiest character in the show thus far, well until her sisters appear... but let's not dig into that.  The daughter Elena, played by Isabella Gomez, is the star child, she's bright, smart, and very 'nerdy' as her abuelita says. She is Penelope's first daughter and is very prideful in knowing it all, except, as shown in the first half of the first season, does she really know everything? 

Now, the third season picks up right after the tear-jerking cliffhanger of season 2 episode 13. With a whole new cast, with the legendary Gloria Estefan, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero from the TV-Sitcom Brooklyn 99. In just the first two episodes alone, a whole lot is happening. There is so much shade being thrown, so many teas being spilled, so much latin oozing off that it will make you want to drive to your local bakery and ask for some croquetas and pastelitos. (Do not watch this show if you're on a diet. Trust, there is a lot of delicious pastries in every shot.) Fun Fact, both Gloria Calderon Kellet and Isabella Gomez tweeted that some of the pictures in the introduction of the show are pictures from their lives. In one episode specifically, where Rita is looking through an album and the camera zooms at the pictures well, those pictures are Gloria Calderon's ancestor's pictures.  Another fun fact, throughout the show you'll hear audience laughter, but no, they are not fake. Those are real laughs. This show is filmed in front of a live audience, those are the genuine reaction you're hearing If you want to know more fun facts about One Day At a Time go follow Gloria's twitter or look up' @everythingloria Fun facts,' she dishes on every little set details which will obviously make you want to go back and look at it.