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Olivia Culpo Claps Back at her Cheating Ex

Welp, Cheaters get what cheaters deserve, which is absolutely nothing. Olivia Culpo did that and more to Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola. 

Just one month after rekindling their romance after breaking up last march, Amendola had the audacity to be out and about canoodling with Journalist Bianca Peters at the Soho Beach House in Miami, FL. The pair were seen cuddling, whispering into each other’s ears and taking a swim or two in what seemed to look like a flirtatious manner. Olivia being out of the country at the time of the photos surfacing, allegedly felt completely embarrassed and angry which led to immediately breaking up with him, even though he tried reassuring her that it wasn’t what it looked like and Bianca was just a “friend.” 

November 2nd rolled around, which is none other than Danny’s birthday and of course, Olivia took the time to clap back and clap back hard at her cheating ex. She decided to show him what he is missing out on by going on Instagram and posting what could have been a pretty awesome birthday present. Apparently, Olivia was planning to gift him a personalized $12,000 Rolex that she designed specifically for him to meet the demands of professional racing drivers. Pretty sturdy watch I’d say for a football player, too bad it’s all hers now. 

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