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On November 7, Nikita was arrested at the Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach. It all started somewhere in the middle of the night when Nikita Dragun was walking around the pool, nude and aimlessly. The strange behavior continued on until the music from her hotel room was too much to bear. The staff politely asked her to turn down the music. She refused, so the staff called the police. Police arrived at Nikita’s doorstep, once again asking for her to lower her music and end the strange behavior. In response, she slammed the door in their faces. The police once again knocked on her door and asked her to end the strange behavior when she threw an open water bottle at their faces, which led to her arrest.

Some celebrated her arrest. Others, like me, were simply concerned for her well-being. My main guess is that Nikita was either under the influence or severely depressed. There was no one else in her hotel, and no one she was with on this vacation to Miami. She wasn’t around close friends nor was hanging out with them. All of which is the strangest part about this whole situation. Someone like Nikita, an influencer, wouldn’t go alone on a vacation. No friends, not even security.

She was sent to Miami-Dade County Jail on a $5000 bond. Things got even stranger when Nikita asked the judge if she still had to stay in the men’s unit. This was when her arrest grew more traction on the internet, as Nikita Dragun is a woman and should not be in a male space regardless of her committed crimes. Almost every piece of identification, her ID and license plate, states she is female. It’s dangerous, disrespectful, and unlawful. How the count jail could have allowed this to happen, I’m not sure.

The news of her being in a men’s unit spread like wildfire, across Twitter and even the local news. Then, a rep from Miami-Dade’s recreation center came out saying Nikita’s statement was false. They essentially said they are committed to protecting the transgender community as well as making the appropriate accommodations for them in the event they were to be arrested. Supposedly, Nikita hadn’t made it past the booking process, more specifically, she wasn’t in a prison cell. That being said, she was never placed in a men’s unit. Instead, she was placed in a cell by herself due to her high-status profile. She was also escorted by an LGBTQ office during her time there.

Now mind, these were the words from the rep. Strange, and hard-to-believe words.

Then it was time for her bail. I would have thought at least one of her friends would have jumped in to bail her, but it was an aquatic, Icy Wyatt, who was willing to pay bail. He drove to the jail and waited for her release. Suddenly Nikita’s team, who was never present in this situation until now, got in touch with Wyatt letting him know they paid for her bail and are returning the bail money he put in. They also said they would be sending a car to pick her up, so there was no need for Icy Wyatt’s presence. Then again, no car arrived. The only people that did arrive to pick her up and drive her where she needed to be were fans, essential strangers to Nikita Dragun. In the caption of a post the fans made of Nikita running towards them it stated they made sure she was fed, clean, and safe. They also said they wouldn’t be posting any more footage since their family was in most of them. Still, they posted videos of her in their house still acting strange.

At the end of the day, this all goes to show Nikita’s team and friends don’t have an ounce of care in their neurons to have helped her out of this situation.

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