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New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Simple Steps to Success

With the new year and the beginning of a new semester you are probably already feeling pressured about your new goals and responsibilities. One of my goals this year was putting more effort into school and challenging myself, which translated into taking more classes and joining more organizations. It hasn’t even been a week yet since I came back from the holidays and I already feel the pressure of it all coming down on me. I realized that the more challenges I took, the more stressed and grumpier I became. So I, for once, decided to sit down and come up with realistic goals that didn’t involve imaginarily losing weight by the end of the year or magically becoming another person.

I decided that what I needed more than anything was to change my lifestyle around and adjust it to the current me. So I came up with three simple goals to follow this year that will help our readers and myself to develop success in both our personal and professional lives.  

1. Enjoy Every Single Day

Yes! Even the sick days, and the cramp days, and the final’s week days. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself it will be a good day, that you will have fun, and that you will meet new people that will enlighten your world.  Because, yes, we are in college and we’re young and reckless. But this is the only chance we get at it, and we need to make it count.

2. Crack a Laugh

About everything. I’m absolutely tired of frowning at my problems, at failures, incidents, etc. There’s no in point stressing, life will eventually move on. You can mope, cry, and lose all of your hair stressing, but I’d rather not. After all, we’re too young to get wrinkles.  

3. Sleep more
Because us college kids still procrastinate and need our crucial sleep hours whenever we can get them. Besides, we all know that sleep is essential for the preservation of our skin, hair, and mood. I’m not sure about you, but the only day in which I’m allowed to look and behave like a disgusting zombie is on Halloween.  

What are some of your resolutions? Let us know by commenting below! 

Nathalie Fleitas is a marketing major and an English minor at Florida International University. She a words' enthusiast, a bookworm, and she gets overly attached with fictional characters. She likes making up stories about anything that she can imagine and later write it on paper. But overall, she hopes she can one day write something that will inspire millions of people.
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