My Top 5 Songs From Stray Kids.

The music genre called “K-pop” has been taking over the music charts recently and many great artists ranging from girl groups, boy groups and even solo artists have emerged from this genre. However, one artist that has caught my attention recently is called “Stray Kids.” This boy group consists of 8 members, Bangchan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N. Of course these guys sing and dance but what is most interesting about them is that they are self produced artists. Without further ado, here are my picks of the top 5 songs from Stray Kids. 

No. 5 “Astronaut.” 

This song is very upbeat and happy and is definitely a great song to dance to. I’ve listened to this a couple of times in my car while driving and it always manages to put me into a very good mood. This song's main theme is about going anywhere you want to go without fear which is such a good message to spread. Just like the lyrics say let’s go to space like an astronaut! 

Check out the music video on this link:

No. 4 “Get Cool.”

Have you ever experienced a day that just went perfectly? It felt as if it was your lucky day? Like nothing could go wrong? Then you most probably experienced the term “get cool.” Getting cool means appreciating the little things, and if you like a cute, upbeat hip-hop vibe then this song is definitely for you. 

Check out the music video on this link:

No. 3 “Mixtape: Gone Days.” 

Stray Kids is a group that wants to represent the new generation. With a good majority of the members being part of “Gen Z” they can relate to how we feel most of the time. This song was produced by one of the members called Bangchan and he plays it on his weekly live broadcast series called “Chan’s room.” Once again this is another upbeat, hip-hop style song that has a cute music video that will surely put a smile on your face. 

Check out the music video on this link:

No. 2 “Levanter.” 

This song is a very bittersweet one, if you’ve ever had to let something go and ended up growing from that loss, then this song will speak to your soul. Stray Kids made an English version of this song and it is very good as well. I’ve listened to this song a lot in the car and it always manages to bring me a sense of freedom and relief. If there is anything you should take from this song, it’s that being yourself is the most important thing. 

Check out the music video on this link:

No. 1 “Blueprint.” 

Finally, this has to be my most favorite Stray Kids song and music video of all time because the lyrics and visuals for this are so nice and uplifting. I think everyone has some sort of dream blueprint that they are working on or have achieved in their life. This song is about going chasing your dream and making your blueprint for that dream happen no matter who tries to stop you or bring you down. This song is another upbeat but more chill vibe style that is great for driving with the windows down and even taking a stroll along a beach. This song gives me hope and just motivates me to continue this crazy journey called life. In the end just like the song says, your future is bright, keep looking forward and let excitement surround you.

Check out the music video on this link: