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Tarot is a very popular divination tool used by many to find answers to life’s most difficult questions about the themes that concern us the most as humans; like love, career, family, and finances. Even if you are a skeptical person, I believe there is a lot to learn from tarot cards as general life lessons, since every card carries a different meaning and attempts to understand the human experience more in-depth. Here are my top 3 favorite tarot cards and why they mean so much to me:

  1. The fool

The fool is the first card of the tarot deck and it marks the beginning of a story. This is one of the most beautiful cards in the whole deck since it contains a lot of symbolism that alludes to hope and new beginnings. The fool is a character that takes the attitude of a hopeless romantic, ready to fall in love with life; even as he is standing before a cliff, he decides to look up at the sky in hope, instead of looking at the ground in fear. The fool reminds us that, as it may be “foolish” to look at the sky whilst standing before a cliff, it is also beautiful to look into the future with hope and trust rather than anxiety and horror.

2. The hanged man

The hanged man is a card that may appear almost painful at first, but at a second glance, the hanged man reminds us that pauses in life are necessary to be able to introspect and analyze the past and the present, to help us make better decisions in the future. As much as the man is hanging, he is clearly not dead, which represents a pause, not an end. It is also a card that reminds us that sometimes, things can appear dead or stagnant, but in reality, it is just an invitation for us to take advantage of that pause to breathe, reflect, and change the perspective of our uncomfortable situation, just like the hanged man did.

3. The hermit

The hermit is a character that reminds us that it is ok to feel lost sometimes, and that isolation and introspection are necessary for us to move on to the next big thing in our life. There are some paths we have to walk on our own. This card is also a great reminder that the truths or answers we seek in life will always make themselves clear to us when we are ready, not necessarily when we want them to. The star that the hermit is using to light his path represents divine guidance and clarity. As the hermit, sometimes when you are lost, you just have to trust the universe to guide you to the right path, your job is to just keep walking.

Whether you believe in spirituality or not, tarot cards can be a fun way to reflect and get to know yourself better!

Junior pursuing a Marketing major and a Hospitality minor at FIU!